The Broadcast, Run, Project and More

The opening day broadcast was a lot of fun. We interviewed the guy in charge of the grass,
the guy in charge of the big screen and really every screen in the place,

we interviewed the guy who runs the hall of fame

and saw a golden glove that he would not let out of his sight

and we interviewed a season ticket holder since 1962

and a sports corespondent.

While we were doing interviews we saw the staff get the stadium all ready and the players warm up.

After the broadcast the gates opened and the fans started to come in. We quickly packed up then left the diamond club and went up to the press room to get some lunch.

The view was still really good but harder to see the screens and hear. After lunch we worked a bit and watched the teams warm up. Then the players came out and the flag.

After the anthem a stealth bomber flew over.

Then the game started and in no time we were down by 7. After the first inning we wondered around the stadium seeing where our press passes would get us then headed home.

I went back to work a bit then home and was not home long before heading to Peanut’s school for a fun run.  IMG_4640

It was kind of crazy. Kids everywhere, the school set up for a carnival with games all over. Just before the race Pumpkin had to go to the bathroom so instead of speed walking behind the kids we waited for her then headed strait to the finish line to watch the kids finish. We didn’t time Peanut but he was near the front of the pack.


After the mile race Peanut played more and we ate burgers and hot dogs. Pumpkin was pretty tired and we headed home and got her to bed.

That night I worked on getting trim and wood paneling off part of the area I want to drywall and we went to bed. Saturday we ate breakfast then went to Home Depot then to Jon’s house. Jon and I made some modifications to Pumpkin’s bike to lower it so she could use it.

Then we went to Max’s for burgers out on their porch. It was really good then we went home for the girls to take naps. Heath and Pumpkin did a good job but Bean would only nap in my arms.

I was not able to get much done. Eventually Stooks came over and everyone woke up and we made spaghetti for dinner. After dinner Heath got dressed up and Stooks took her to Felicia’s batchelorette party. Then Stooks and I hung out and watched movies with Jon while I tried to keep Bean happy. She did a great job drinking bottles but would not sleep anywhere but on me.

At midnight Jon left and everyone went to bed. Bean slept great. At 2 Heath called and was ready to come home so I moved sleeping Bean to car seat and Stooks kept an eye on Pumpkin while I picked Heath up. We put Bean’s car seat on our floor and she stayed asleep until about 6am.

Sunday Pumpkin got me up kind of early and we made a big breakfast of potatoes and eggs and corned beef hash. Then we drove over to Aldi and walked from Aldi to Brookside and back along the trolly trail. Afterwords we bought groceries and then headed to Costco for more groceries.

After Costco we planed a couple of Aldi berry bushes.

Pumpkin gave the modified bike about 10 seconds of attention before deciding she did not want to ride.
Then we were worn out and starving so got after dinner. We had beans and broccoli and cuscus with our giant awesome turkey burgers.

(onion roll, mayo, catsup, pickle slices, tomato slices, bacon, 1 sliced avocado per sandwich, cheese, grilled onions, seasoning, turkey patty, bottom bun.

It was a tasty, creamy mess that was hard to get in my mouth.

Pumpkin had hot dog instead.

After dinner Pumpkin took a bath and got on pajamas. I went back to the wall I was working on. I had been getting tiny bits of work done here and there and the power had been off to the kids bedrooms most of the weekend and we were determined to get it back on.


Bean was good for a bit and Heath and I were able to measure, cut and insert 1 of the pieces of drywall we needed.


Then we cut holes for the electrical boxes and screwed it down.  IMG_4683

I put the outlets back together and we had power again.

Then I showered and fell asleep. Sometime later Bean woke up and Heath came to bed and fed her and I think then she went to sleep.


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