Deck Dine

Heath had a good start on dinner when I got home. I helped out some and screwed around with the kids and stuff until it was ready. Then we all sat down to eat out on the deck.

We had some pasta with alfredo, black beans, peas, bacon and chicken in it. Everyone ate it really good but both the kids had plates with piles of peas on them afterwords. After dinner we headed to the front yard and played bikes. Peanut made loops around the driveway and I took turns helping Pumpkin on the bike and tractor and worked on Heath’s bike some also.

Jon, Amanda and Alli came by to hang out and we all messed around in the driveway for a while longer with the bikes and stuff and eventually made our way to the backyard. Heath and Peanut went for a little bike ride while the girls played sandbox, swingset and trampoline.

Eventually Pumpkin and Alli got unruly and needed to get ready for bed. They left and Pumpkin got in the tub. After bath she was starving so Heath got her another round of pasta and read a bunch of Dr. Seuss while she ate. Peanut got his lunch packed and his shower taken and then we read some of my book and then Heath read him some about earthquakes.

Once he was in bed we watched house and some other shows and headed to bed.

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