Tony’s Party


Today is Tony’s birthday and Saturday was his bachelor party.

I took no pictures last night. We ate Tuna Noodle Casserol that I don’t remember ever making before. I followed the first recipe I found online but doubled the cheese, tuna and added a can of black beans. Everyone ate it up but Pumpkin really loved it and had her 2nd and 3rd servings in the tub. We also got a good walk in a few minutes at the park and some house cleaning done. Since that’s it for our night here was my weekend.

Around 11am Saturday people started showing up and cracking open beers.


Stooks and I finished making kabobs then we loaded up 6 guys, 3 canoes, 3 coolers, a couple cases of beer, 12 burgers, 1 dog and other odds and ends into 2 trucks.   We headed to our launch point and dropped off most of the stuff.


We drove the trucks to the take out point about 4 miles down and left my truck there then came back to the top. We divided up gear and got going.



We poked around some and stopped at the first big rocky area to check out the really nice tree house. We canoed farther down and realized we left the grill in the truck. We started looking for things to cook our burgers on and this is what we came up with.


There was plenty of big rocks and dry wood so we started a fire and built a little oven. We found some thin flat pieces of slate, washed them in the river and then put them on the top of the oven. It was the perfect little flat grill. We hung out by the river and snacked on chips and watched the burgers cook.

We added cheese, onions and bacon and a few little slivers of rock that were easy to pick off.


Once we had full bellies we got back on the river.


Even Berry had found some bones to chew on while we ate lunch.


Shortly later we got a call from Jon and he was on his way to meet us. We canoed to a good meet point then stopped to relax…

hunt for crawdads and frogs…

and fish with them.


We didn’t catch any fish but we saw a few. It was a great afternoon of paddling


But all too often we were getting out of the canoes and dragging them over shallow parts.



We got to my truck and rounded up the other vehicles and got the gear loaded back up and right around 7 we got back to my house. We fired up the grill and got out the kabobs.


I cooked them slow and we hung out on the deck and recovered from the trip. Jon tried to invent TireBall but it never really took off.  IMAG0833

It got dark waiting on the kabobs but they were worth the wait.


After eating we started a fire and hung out in the backyard all night and then some.


I didn’t make it into any pictures but I was there and I think looking pretty sweet.

 IMAG0824   IMAG0825

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