Open House


Pumpkin’s daycare moved and now has a good backyard with lots of fun stuff to do. She ran to me when I got there, gave me a hug and we headed home. On the drives to and from school we look for school buses, point them out to each other and then and then act impressed that they are big ones or laugh at them for being little ones. Yesterday after seeing a few we got home and got out of the truck, we could smell something tasty as soon as we got out but could not tell what it was.

We discovered Bean sleeping in her seat in the van and Heath busy in the kitchen getting after some pasta, shrimp stuff that Rachel Ray had shown her.

Heath was in the zone getting after it so I brought Bean inside and tried to help by getting asparagus and green beans cooking. Pumpkin started playing and decided Bean needed some company while she was napping. Of course she didn’t stay napping for long around Pumpkin.

We opened a bottle of wine and set a nice table and sat down to eat. Heath had spiced it up after setting Pumpkin’s aside and it was really good. We ate it all up. Once all the food was gone we had to hurry to get the girls looking good and head out to Peanut’s Schools Open House.

We headed to his classroom and looked at lots of projects and things he had been up to. He was pretty excited and wanted to show us all over the place and his siblings were pretty into it too for a while.


Pumpkin and Lilly started to fall apart at the end so we headed out to the car to wait for Heath. On the way home the girls cheered up so we stopped by Aldi for a small load of groceries. It was nice to reload our food supply but both the girls were crabby and ready for bed.

Once home Pumpkin went to bed and crashed right away but Bean wanted to eat and fuss for a while.  Eventually all of us were able to get to sleep.

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