Bean loves to Smile




Her sister seems to have forgotten how to do it right.

It was a full weekend with lots of pictures. None were taken on Friday though. We got home from school and work and the kids at a frozen pizza and played a bit then we took them to some friends house. A couple I work with has a kid Peanut’s age and wanted to watch all 3 of them. Heath and I got them settled then headed out. We ate and had some drinks at Point Loco in Waldo.  Then we went back and hung out some with the kids and friends.Everyone was up too late.

In the morning we got up early and quickly ate breakfast and got ready so we could start the day. First stop was a parents as teachers event.  IMG_5055

There were a bunch of kids and lots of outdoor fun stuff to do.





We played a bunch then headed off to the next park.  IMG_5072

The next park was a birthday party for a little girl in Peanut’s class. The kids played on the playgrounds, ate snacks



…and rode ponys!


That’s right 3 PONYS


They set up a small loop around some trees and all the kids that came got to ride them several times.



They also did cupcakes and opened presents and stuff and then we snuck out and rushed home. I cooked some biscuits from baking mix and the kids quickly put on swim suits and then relaxed for a minute while I finished baking.

Then we rushed off to the next birthday party at the Belton Community center Pool. I forgot to bring the water camera today to get pictures from it but we did more cupcakes and presents for the kids cousin and then swam and played on the slides and lazy river. There were squirt guns and lots of kids having fun. Heath and I both got to do some swimming too while Bean slept in family members arms.

When that party ended we showered at the pool and changed then headed to Olathe. Pumpkin fell asleep on the way and Bean was starving when we got to my brother Matt’s house warming family dinner.  IMG_5138

We got there first and Pumpkin slept and Bean ate while Peanut got busy on the playstation and I had a beer. Then Kelly showed up and Drake showed off his first 4 wheeler.


We toured the house and had some drinks and and dip and stuff. Then we ate a good dinner and hung out for a while. I helped mom and Kelly with phones/computers some and then the kids started to get more and more unruly and ready for bed.


We ate some fruit pizza for dessert and then headed home.


Once home we got Pumpkin in bed then set up a projector I was testing and we watched some Star Wars in the driveway until Peanut’s bedtime. Heath and I tried to watch a bit more but were to tired so headed to bed.

Sunday morning Heath got up early and went for a 5K run/walk. I got some stuff cleaned up and some laundry started. Eventually all the kids got up and ate some breakfast and played and stuff.

I started working on the remodel project.  IMG_5173

I headed to Home Depot for some stuff when Heath got home. When I got back Heath and Pumpkin got dressed and then went out for a girl day (no babies allowed). Bean slept mostly and Peanut helped with her and played his game.

I got lots of stuff done. Eventually I needed more supplies so we ran back to HD. When we got home Jon was there and he jumped right in.


The little corner by the back door and toys area was still wood paneling. In the past few weeks we have removed all the paneling, added several outlets, added 3 light switches, 2 outdoor lights, speaker and cable hook ups. To add all this stuff I had to take out most of the insulation plus all the wood paneling and the trim the paneling was nailed too.


Yesterday we got all the wiring done inside the wall and put the insulation back in. Then I put the wood paneling back up without the trim behind it and cut holes around all the boxes we added.

 IMG_5186     IMG_5184

Most of you are probably not even reading or understanding but if anyone is wondering why the paneling went back up it’s because the drywall on it’s own would not be thick enough around the sliding door. Instead of building it out with strips on the studs I used the old wood paneling because it was already the right size.

Once the wood paneling was back up it was time to call it a day and get ready for dinner. I am most excited about the stuff on the outside of the wall.



Heath had already started on dinner and once I was all cleaned up I joined in.

We grilled deer burgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and fish sticks plus had baked beans, green beans and salad. Everyone was hungry and ate good.Pumpkin helped Heath make brownie cupcakes.

Then the kids took quick showers/baths and got on pajamas. I set up the projector again and we ate dessert in the driveway while watching more Star Wars. We stopped at Pumpkin’s bedtime and got her in bed. We moved into our bedroom and took turns reading Harry Potter 2 while folding laundry.

We did this until Peanut’s bedtime and then Heath and I folded and folded and put away clothes until way past our bed time. We had so many clothes to put away and it took forever but afterwords our room was in such better shape.

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