Rehersal Dinner


Since we had our fancy pants/dresses on we took a few family pictures. None turned out great, we were really rushed for time and the sun was too bright to open our eyes very much. Also Bean was not loving it.




After getting dressed and capturing the moment on film secure digital media. We loaded up in the van and headed to Les Summit. We met up with Tony and Felicia and some of their family and friends. The minister was late in traffic so we visited a bit and the kids made friends.

Then we did the rehearsal and got everything figured out for the big day. Everyone was pretty hungry so once we had a plan we headed off to dinner at The Peanut.  IMAG0861

We were a giant group and it took a while for everyone to get food so we sort of ate in stages. Luckily the kids were first. They both got mac and cheese.


Next I got my buffalo chicken sandwich and split it and the fries with Heath and near the end we got Heath’s nachos and she split them with me. By the time the nachos were gone the kids were really ready for home and bed.


So we headed out and rushed to get everyone home and sleeping. Heath and I headed to bed early too but Bean had other plans and that did not work out.

Since yesterday’s video only got 5 views, I’m guessing nobody noticed it, sorry about that and here you go again.

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