Updated: Kate Michelle Sanders has arrived

Heath and Bean were just about ready to go when I got home. I helped load up in the van and we headed to the Lee Summit Medical Center. When we got close I remembered when I was in the hospital with Bean I could have really used a pizza. I could share meals with Heath and people brought stuff sometimes but I was hungry sometimes when no one was around and sometimes Heath’s food was not enough to share.

So we found a Little Ceasers and picked up a pie. Just before pulling into the hospital we started talking about the hospital and neither of us had any idea if this was the right hospital. All we knew was it was in Lee Summit. We did some searching on the phone and discovered we were at the wrong place.

We headed to St. Luke’s Hospital in Lee Summit and it was actually a quick drive. It was much easier to negotiate for visitors then St. Joe. We got to the room and I think woke up Amanda. Jon was sleeping hard on the couch/bed and Kate was sleeping in the clear baby tub. Heath scooped her up right away and we talked about how she looked like Alli, then Amanda said not so much without her hat so we took it off.


And discovered she had a ton of hair.


Amanda filled us in on the birth and their night/morning. Heath woke up Jon and I got to play with Kate. He decided to play with Bean who now looked like a giant baby.  IMG_5279

They will be just short of 2 months apart and really were a lot closer in size then Pumpkin and Alli were.

Alli’s birthday

Kate’s birthday

We hung out for a while but everyone was getting hungry so we left them to their sleeping baby. We rushed home, turned on the grill and loaded it up with Swai and sweet potatoes.

Swai is this version of catfish.

We also made some giant salads, stuck lemon slices in boulevard wheats and set the table on the deck. In no time dinner was ready and we dug in. I only put lemon, salt and pepper on the fish and it turned out great. After eating all the food we put some stuff away and got ready to go next door.

We got settled in and then watched Episodes 3 and 4 of Season 2 of Game of Thrones.

After both episodes it was pretty much bed time so we went home and crashed immediately. 30 minutes later Bean decided she was not really ready to sleep yet and decided to keep us up for a couple more hours.


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  1. Becky says:

    Congrats Jon and Amanda!

  2. Lynsey says:


  3. Heather says:

    Wow, Bean and Pumpkin still look a lot alike! As do Kate and Alli! I thought Kate would be a boy though…so if you ever want to know what gender baby your having…just ask me, and then it will be the opposite! I’m never right!!! ; )

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