Tony and Felicia’s Wedding


We didn’t take any pictures on Friday. Peanut headed to his dads and Pumpkin headed to Omaha with Heath’s mom so we were down to Bean. I did some mowing then Mike and Julie came over and we ate dinner at Chelly’s and hung out on the deck a while.

Saturday we slept in ate some breakfast then I picked Tony up at the Intercontinental hotel on the plaza. We hung out until his mom picked him up then I mowed some more of the yard. Then Heath and I got ready and headed to Lee Summit to get ready for the wedding. Heath’s aunt came over to watch Bean for us.

We helped get things set up a little bit then got pretty.



Shortly later it was on and the wedding started. It was about a 20 minute ceremony outside. Tony didn’t faint, Felicia didn’t trip,  I didn’t loose the ring or cry and everything went great.

After that we found the bar and food and I hung out with Heath, Jon and Amanda. Tony and Felicia spent the night talking to guests and doing all the wedding stuff.
And staring into each others eyes.
After the wedding we helped with a little bit of the cleanup and we got to split all the leftover food. We took it home, grabbed some beer and took Tony and Felicia to the hotel on the plaza. They had not really gotten to eat or drink much all night and certainly had not gotten to relax.
We had a good time hanging out in the hotel room.
Amanda’s baby is overdue and we kept expecting her to have it at any moment but she didn’t.
Eventually we got home and went to bed. Bean did a good job sleeping. In the morning when I woke up I rushed to mow the rest of the yard. It started out okay but a little dark and it got darker and darker and rain dropps started to fall. By the end of the yard I was running with the mower trying to finish before it poured.
I got it done and worked on random stuff until the girls woke up. We worked on indoor projects around the house for most of the day. I got started on the hallway. It started out like this.
 IMG_5264     IMG_5266
I pulled down this and more.
Now it looks like this.
 IMG_5271     IMG_5270
Besides putting up drywall I want to add an outlet a hall light and a light switch or two.
Now there is no more wood paneling on the first floor of our house and hopefully soon there will be drywall everywhere ready for someone to mud.
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