I got home first to and empty house and got busy cooking stuff for dinner yesterday and today. Once everything was cooking well I got busy on the hallway.


Yeah the hallway looks about the same but I have been working on it. There are tons of nails to remove so I can put the drywall up.


There are some wiring messes I found inside the walls to clean up.  IMG_5304

and we are adding some switches and outlets.


Heath and Bean got home and Pumpkin with Heath mom at about the same time. We had been missing Pumpkin and gave her lots of hugs and heard about her adventures in “mom-aha” (Omaha).

Heath learned about their trip from her mom and I listened and pulled nails out. Her mom left and I finished getting dinner ready and we sat down to eat spaghetti and veggies. The spaghetti was really good and pretty healthy.

After dinner Heath rushed off to PTA and I was in charge of both girls. So I tossed them in the tub.

Bean always loves the water assuming it is not too cold and Pumpkin thought it was great to have a big toy sister in the tub. She tried to squeeze into the baby tub with Bean at first and then tried to squeeze beside the little tub in the big tub but eventually got comfortable in her own area.

When it was time to wash Bean Pumpkin was a big helper, putting soap on the cloth and rubbing her.

Once Bean was clean I wrapped her up in a towel and let her dry while I washed Pumpkin and wrapped her in a towel. First Bean watched me get Pumpkin’s pajamas on then Pumpkin helped me pick out pajamas for Bean and get her dressed. I warmed up a bottle and the fed Bean while Pumpkin and I told stories.There were stories similar to princess and frog and one about turtle and the 3 frogs that was very similar to Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

When Bean was full we read a book then tucked Pumpkin in bed. Bean was bathed fed and happy so I let her play on a mat on the floor while I worked on the wall some. As soon as Heath got home I rushed to Home Depot for some supplies. Then I worked some more until bedtime.

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