We’re going on a Berry Hunt

(not the dog)
Once Pumpkin and I got home we rushed to get the kids, snacks and some 2x4s and other random things into my truck. Then we headed to Costco. We bought a giant bag of spinach and broccoli and a few other things. Then we rushed on. Both the girls were starving so instead of everyone going to home depot I dropped the girls off at home first then I went for more drywall.

Heath got some leftover chili warming up and then fed Bean. I got 2 10ft sheets of drywall and rushed home. Once home I got loud with power tools. I made a mess and a lot of noise but everyone was awake and preoccupied so it was a perfect window for some productivity. I got sheets of drywall covering all the electrical boxes, I got all the electrical boxes cut out and then wired everything and sealed them up. We were able to turn on all the power to the house and the project feels a lot better now.

 IMG_5320     IMG_5321

I took a break in the middle once everyone had eaten dinner and we went for a walk Berry Hunt. On my morning run I had found a tree loaded with ripe mulberries and brought a handful back for Pumpkin’s breakfast. We knew they were in season now so we took a dish and headed out to fill it. Pumpkin hopped in the wagon with a drink and at first our dish was in there too.  IMAG0902

Bean hopped in the front pack on Heath.


And I pulled the wagon with 1 hand and engulfed a tortilla full of chili and siracha with the other. Off we went IMAG0903

We had not even gone a block before looking up and seeing a prize.


Heath went mid level, I went high and Pumpkin combed the ground. Anything Heath or I found went in the dish and occasionally Pumpkin’s mouth was full and she put one in the dish too.  IMAG0899

We learned right away though that if the dish was in the wagon when we moved onto the next tree Pumpkin would get after it.

We hit up a bunch of trees on our 1 mile walk.


There were a lot of ripe one but a lot that were getting close but not quite ready and some still green so we are going to try again next week. We stopped mid way to let Pumpkin play a bit.


But she seemed just as eager as us to get back to picking.


Once home we had a nice pile and started working on a plan of what to do with them.


Heath got Pumpkin in bed and I got back to work on the wall.


While Bean took a nap.


Once Heath was done she joined in.


A little past bedtime things were looking really good.


Besides being done with electrical we have all the big areas covered. We still have a lot of narrow areas to fill in. Hopefully over the weekend we can invent some free time and get it done. Regardless I am predicting next week I will begin looking for someone to mud everything. If you know someone that does drywall work and would be interested in mudding all the walls and ceiling let me know. There are some challenging spots and they probably need to be pretty good.


I’d love to learn and help them out but I am guessing no one will want me in their way.

This morning Heath requested muffins so we found a use for the berries. I followed a blueberry recipe but poured in twice the mulberries that it called for, then put one on top of each.


20 minutes later I woofed down a delicious pipping hot mulberry muffin.


It was really really good.

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