Happy Mothers Day

Yeah I am really behind on things as we had a great weekend and I had Jury Duty yesterday. I’m going to load you with pictures in order of activity. Here we go.

Friday Heath, Bean and I had a picnic lunch and walk at Loose park.We had an amazing salad.


Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday party at Shawnee Mission park.


We took Alli and she and Pumpkin played with Victoria and other kids.  photo 1


Last night we played at minor park while Heath and Berry got a trail run in.



Berry and I got a trail run in earlier and ended up cooling off in the river.


Friday after work we blew bubbles and swang on swings and played.

We also grilled dinner and had way too many electronics involved.

Pumpkin and Bean read books.

Pumpkin got a sink bath or two with a pink dinosaur.

Peanut came home Sunday and hung out with Bean.

Peanut got home early Sunday and we went shopping real quick then got everyone else up. Peanut made a card with Pumpkin and I wrapped the presents.

Then it was time for Mothers day.

Heath opened her gifts and then took some pictures with the kiddos.

Then we headed downtown. We got breakfast at City Dinner and some groceries from the Asian Market across the street.

With full happy tummies we wondered all around the market and eventually left with 15lbs potatoes, a flat of strawberries, some bananas, honey and grapes. The kids rode the lawn mower train and then we dropped all our stuff at the car.

We headed down to the river and had a great walk along it. We found some more mulberries. Camera 360

and everyone ate their fill.

Camera 360

We walked until we were pretty worn out then decided to have a cupcake and beer break at Harry’s Country Club and whatever cupcake store is next door. However once we walked over there we discovered both places closed. Instead we rushed home to hang out on the deck, cutting up strawberries. Camera 360

We had a nice dinner then decided to try out the ice cream maker. I had lots of help.

It was nearly bedtime so instead of waiting for the ice cream we opened a cake we had saved and put the ice cream in the freezer.

Then last night we got the ice cream.

We made chocolate chocolate chip and it was good but you could tell we used a powder packet thing to make it. I think the next batch will be even better.

The Hallway!


I don’t have any final pictures but I got all the drywall up and the hallway and lots of tools all cleaned up. I’m adding drywall screws all over the house and starting to track down someone to mud things.

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