Good Picking


Yesterday morning I got a roast going in the crockpot. When Pumpkin and I got home Heath had set the table and was finishing making a salad and we sat down to eat. Peanut had a friend over that didn’t eat or stop talking. Pumpkin stared at him all dinner with a big grin and laughed at everything he said weather there is any way she understood or not. Jon and Alli showed up at the end of dinner and shortly later we headed up the street to begin.


In no time we found a great tree really loaded with good dark berries.


We got permission from the 2 houses it was between and then everyone started picking.  IMAG0939

Kids down low and adults high or sometimes pulling down branches for the kids.



The kids ate a bunch but also picked us quite a few even with juice breaks.

 IMAG0936 IMG_5496

Gradually we filled cup after cup.


Eventually it got harder to find good dark ones down low.


We got out a canvas tarp and Jon’s home made “Shaker pole”

We put this pole with a hook up in the trees and shook the high branches and quite a few berries fell on the tarps for us to collect.

Eventually it was time to go and put away our stuff and headed out. Jon and Alli went home and the rest of us took Peanut’s friend home then stopped by Stooks house and worked on his trees a bit. We quickly filled one more cup then headed out.


On the way home we got some McDonald breakfast for dinner just because we wanted to support the idea. Then we quickly got the kids ready for bed. I cleaned and put all the berries together. Jon had more then half a gallon with him and we ended up with right at a gallon.


That was about it for the night we cleaned up some and got to bed early.

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