Nana K Mothers Day Picnic

I forgot the camera last night and ended up taking no pictures. Heath had a take and bake pizza in the oven, a fruit salad in the fridge and was finishing up a regular salad when Pumpkin and I got home. We tossed everything but the pizza in a cooler, loaded up the van and headed to the park. The first 2 shelters were full of graduation parties but the 3rd was empty.

As we were carrying over all the food and kids my mom saw us and pulled up. We had rushed and the pizza was still warm when we got started. Everything was really good and the weather was perfect. We sat by the lake and tried to keep the kids in their seats and eating. Luckily we had ice cream cake at home as incentive for the kids to eat.

After dinner we walked over to the park and the big kids played and ran and slid and jumped while the little kid ate and napped while we talked and watched. Pumpkin ran a restaurant for a bit then we all headed home. We broke out the ice cream cake and Pumpkin ate hers in a sink bath. After dessert we got Pumpkin dressed and she read Nana K some books on the ipad while Heath and I got the house cleaned up and Peanut showered.

Mom left and Pumpkin went to bed then Heath read Harry Potter 2 and Peanut and I folded laundry. Then Peanut headed to bed and I finished laundry while Heath fed Bean. Once I was done with laundry I went out back for some exercise and when Bean was asleep Heath joined in. Then we went downstairs to cool off and do some computer support.

It was past bedtime when we were relaxed and ready for bed. Just as I was laying down I got a radio station call and worked from home on it for a bit before going to bed for real.

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