Mud Time

First off we got a new lens for the camera. Any guess what it does? I was excited about the new toy so lots of wierd pictures today with lots of stuff in them. This morning I snapped a few pictures just before the drywall mud guy got to work.




So all the wood paneling is gone, all the drywall us up and most of it is screwed down good. I got a few bids this weekend and choose a guy that will get it all mudded, finished, textured and primed this week. We have moved into the basement and are letting him take over the great room and hallway for now.

We decided on our drywall guy last night around 5pm and quickly ate dinner then got busy moving furniture and prepping the room. There was a lot of stuff to move.

Heath and I got busy and around 8:30 Jon came over and helped. We got to bed around 11 this morning and got back to work at 5 this morning and got everything ready just in time.

We also had some fun this week. Friday Peanut had a birthday party to go to after school so while Heath was there with him the girls and I set up a backyard movie/campout.

We ate dinner then as the sun set we started watching Dora projected onto some paper on the house. Heath and Peanut joined us and we all stayed up late watching.

Pumpkin did not have a good night after the movie and after a bunch of warnings and discussions she had to move inside because she just wanted to jump on the air mattress and play with Peanut. In the morning we all slept in really well then I went and woke Pumpkin and brought her down to lay around and wake up with everyone else.

Eventually we got up and ate breakfast then Peanut and I went to the Blue river trail and he did some mountain biking and I ran with him and tried to keep him from falling or getting stuck on hills. We had a great ride/run then headed to Aldi for a big load of groceries. Once home everyone helped unload the truck and put away the groceries. We made a quick lunch then Pumpkin laid down for a nap and I got busy cleaning up a pile off wood someone dropped off.

Peanut got busy trying to mow for the first time.


He got a few wiggly stripes in the yard before giving up and helping me move logs. We worked hard until the pile was gone then rushed to get cleaned up, showered and dressed up. Then the whole fammilly hopped in the van and headed to Paola for Jendra’s graduation reception.


We hung out, talked with family and ate some bbq and cupcakes and other stuff.


Then Jendra got ready to go get ready to walk.


We hung out a while longer then walked around the great mall a bit to kill some time. Then Heath’s work friends had a bbq and we went to that. There was grilled burgers and dogs and other good stuff and lots of good kids and toys to play with.

We stayed kind of late and once home we all rushed to put on our pajamas, grab our blankies and other necessities then hopped back in the tent. We all laid down at about the same time and Pumpkin did not need many warnings. I think she was the last to sleep but she didn’t move around just laid and quietly talked and sang herself to sleep.

In the morning we got up early and got Peanut ready to go to his dads. Heath and I worked around the house cleaning and stuff a bit. Pumpkin slept in pretty late then ate a bowl of cereal. Then we headed to Jon and Amanda’s and got them ready and we all went berry picking. We filled a bunch of cups with really tasty mulberries. Heath and the girls headed back to Paola to help do some painting.


and other cool stuff.


Jon and his girls hung out for and grilled some burgers with me. While they were there a drywall guy showed up and looked things over. Then everyone left and I mowed the rest of the front and back yards. I was still on my own and not sure of our drywall decision so got Berry in the truck, drove to the river and went for a run. We went all over both sides of the river and even across it a few times and it was great.

Heath and the girls got home just before me. We talked about drywall a bit then called the last guy back and made our crazy plan. Instead of getting busy making dinner we took it as an excuse to get Chellys Mexican.

You heard the rest at the beginning of the post. Ideally I’ll have some exciting basement stories and pictures from progress upstairs to show off this week.

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