Carl Miglaizzo Park

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It was super nice outside and our house is full of paper, tape and drywall debris so we headed to the park. Actually we were pretty beat and poked around the basement a bit before getting a plan together and going. We tried out a new to us park south of our house called Carl Miglaizzo Park. We were not even sure it had a playground until we got right up on it. We were excited to find a perfect playground for Pumpkin, lots of kids and a little lake. We were happy.


We found a nice cement picnic table and sat down and had sandwiches and chips and veggies and fruit. Pumpkin ate some and played some and went back and forth to the playground and table. After lunch we followed a walking trail around and checked out the rest of the park. Even the mulberry trees and bridge over the lake. Then we played at the playground a bit and Pumpkin was having too much fun to stop and go to the bathroom. She came down a makeshift water-slide and we decided it was time to get going if we were still going to do a little shopping and get in bed early.

We changed her shorts and headed over to Lowes. We got a bunch of paint booklets and samples and stuff and tried to decide what color to paint the great room. I started out wanting a big bold color but after talking some did a 180 and decided something really light. I really like the idea of going with a strong color but once we figure out what color the hardwood floors, cabinets and counter-tops will be we may want something different. A light shade will be a lot easier to cover up if we need to. However we are still really undecided on how dark or light or what shade. We are thinking of satin but the level of gloss is still undecided. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/thoughts for us to consider?

After Lowes we walked over to Walmart and looked at their colors and got some more booklets and samples and we fell into the trap of thinking of all sorts of things we should get before we finally escaped. Eventually we rushed home to put on pajamas, clean up and brush teeth. Once Pumpkin was in bed we got in ours. I was out pretty immediately and everyone got a long night of sleep.


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