Remod Continues


Our mud guy has 2 more days of work and I think things are looking good. Today he is going to be sanding things down and touching up areas if he finds any that need it. He is going to textureize the ceiling. This used to be 3 separate rooms and they all had slightly different ceilings.
The mud guy is going to make them all look the same. This spot where the 3 rooms and wall patch came together is pretty tough to find now.  IMG_5652


Then he is going to paint all the walls and ceilings and then we will give him some money.

After checking out the drywall we ate some quick sandwiches then headed to my uncles 50th birthday party. We met at a long table at coaches with a bunch of family and hung out for a while.

Afterwords I dropped Heath, Jendra and Pumpkin at a shoe store and Bean and I got some gear at Costco like a bunch of oil for the turkey fryer. Then we picked up the girls and went by Home Depot we looked and talked about paint colors and grabbed a bunch of booklets and samples then headed home. The girls all worked on the bedtime routine and I made nachos for the big girls.

Then I headed to Jon’s house and we loaded up the trailer. He had a nice big pile of wood for it. Once we got all his wood on it I drove it home and loaded up a pile of wood I had for it.

It was bedtime when I got inside so I laid on the floor and read until I stopped sweating then I showered real quick and headed to bed.

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  1. Brian says:

    You said WOOD.

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