Deer Sliders on Mini Wheat Bagels

It was a busy night with not many pictures. The ceiling was evenly textured but still drying when I got home last night so I waited to take any pictures. This morning everything is getting sanded down and then painted.

On my way home from work I got a few things at Aldi. Then I got busy on my to do list and to pack list. Heath and the girls were taking Jendra home so I had the house to myself and it went really well. After the lists were in pretty good shape I did some strapping things to the trailer and then ran to Home Depot for paint.

Then the girls were home and we went for a quick walk. After the walk Bean and I ran to the auto parts store for light bulbs for the trailer and Heath gave Pumpkin a bath and started getting her bed time routine done. We swapped girls and I got Pumpkin’s books read and stories told and in bed.

I did a bit more packing then we decided we better eat some dinner. Our kitchen is inaccessible so I made 6 deer burger slider patties. I put a mcdonalds ranch pack in with the meat and some cut up onions then broiled them in the toaster oven.

Heath and I watched some House on Hulu and ate our burgers. Then I went to bed and she watched tv for a while before coming.

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