Memorial Day Weekend was Great


Friday started off with a bang.

Camera 360

Or really more like a pop. I guess there is a little background info first. Friday after work I scrambled to get the truck and the trailer packed full of camping supplies for a camp out with 20 something new and old friends at Clinton lake.

Eventually we got all packed but we didn’t get far before this happened. Camera 360

and I had to get it fixed.

Camera 360

We had just gotten on K10 and I see something fly up in the side mirror. I start watching and first it looks like mud flying off the tire but then I realize the tire blew and the mud was actually pieces of tire. We pull over then crawl our way up the exit to this sweet gravel area away from traffic. Jon and Stooks got on the internet and phone and found us a replacement.

I took the trailer off the truck, jacked up the trailer and took off the tire and the girls had a picnic.

Camera 360(Side Note – Pumpkin is crazy about apples right now and will just eat a whole apple in a sitting, without us cutting it up or pealing it or anything)

Once we had the tire off we drove to Waldo and got a new used one for $40. The guy was ready to close and replaced it quick. Pumpkin was still hungry so we grabbed a happy meal and got back on the road. We had texted the campers when it happened and texted again when we got on the road and almost exactly 2 hours had passed.

We moved some weight around and made sure all the tires were full enough then hit the road. We got to the campsite before dusk and got busy, setting up, eating dinner and having fun.

Our friends did all the planning and purchasing and organizing for this event so it was easy and awesome. We had all sorts of toys and food and music and lake to keep us busy.

Really we were too busy to take many pictures so I don’t really have much to show off. Meals were awesome and I was always starving and then terribly stuffed. After each meal I decided to go easy at the next one but that never happened. The weather was hot but not bad if you stayed wet and the nights were pretty perfect. Both our girls did great.

Camera 360

We camped Friday and Saturday night then packed up Sunday morning. We had burned and left most of the firewood so the trailer was nice and light. We had been swiming in the lake just down a little trail from our site all weekend.

but after packing up we headed to the real public beach and swam there some. The girls were pretty worn out so we didn’t stay long and they both slept the whole way home.

Once home we felt like laying down and recovering but our house was a mess from the drywall work and ready for paint. We went and bought paint and supplies and got busy. The girls were happy to watch cartoons in the cool basement while we opened up the upstairs and got painting. We painted until dinner time then headed next door.

The neighbors had a pizza and a few new episodes of Game of Thrones. We cooled off and ate and watched while Pumpkin had her own little Dora the Explorer marathon in the next room.

Once we were out of episodes we headed home to get the girls in bed. We were also ready for bed but but excited to get the paint rolling. We worked until all the walls had a coat. I rolled the walls and Heath and the angled brush did all the edges (no tape or fancy tools).  The drywaller had primed for us so we just got some good paint and tried for 1 coat. As we got ready for bed and the paint was drying we saw we would need to do some touching up if not a whole 2nd coat.

Monday was kind of a blur of working and fun.


Everything had dried and looked SO much better then the old wood paneling. There were some spots that needed touched up and Heath has the detail noticing eyes and so she got busy touching up. After everything was painted and dried and looking good we got busy cleaning.  IMG_5763

We put away all the plastic and trash and painting supplies. The drywall guy had put down some paper but it did not stop him from making quite a mess. Some mud had gotten under or around the paper and dust was everywhere.

Pumpkin and I went to Home Depot and replaced our shop vac. Our old one seemed to throw out more dust then it took in and sounded like a jet engine inside the house.  We got a new one that was pretty high on the power scale and pretty low on the noise scale. It also came with a pretty good main filter and we got a special dust bag to put inside as well. The dust bag advertised it would work for drywall dust.  IMG_5776

If this thing did not seriously out perform our old vac we were going to return it. Heath took the girls to get some lunch and play at a play place and I got busy cleaning. The shop vac did awesome. We may have to use it to help pull up the carpet when we get to that. I could not get any dust to come out the exhaust and I’m sure the house is cleaner then it has been in a long time.

Once I had all the dust sucked up Heath and I wiped down counters and cabinets, windows, fireplace, mantle, floors, tiles, doors. Everything that I could not suck we wiped and scrubbed off the dust and white mud.


Then all of a sudden the house was ready for us to move back in.(Begin Photo Montage)





So the bulk of the great room and hallway are a light grey. It looks almost white until you compare it to the ceiling or other real white things.  In some lights it looks like maybe there is some blue to it. We also have a medium grey section.  It starts at the front corner of the garage wall and wraps around the top of the kitchen.


This wall will have the big mirror with the black frame on it and the black/blue china cabinet.

After the pictures we moved back in some of the furniture and rugs. At dinner time we called a halt to the project for the day and had fun.

We ate fish and veggies and rice and played in the pool and sprinkler. Heath and I had big glasses of sangria with our dinner and the deck was perfect for hanging out.  IMG_5790

We had jello with mangos and whip cream for dessert and played until the girls got tired.


Once they were asleep we moved inside and had another glass of sangria and reflected on the great room and made a list of what we needed to get done in the next few days, and another list of what we need to get done for Japan.

Speaking of Japan, if anyone is still reading we need your help making a wedding video segment. We want to get together with anyone that knows Kentaro and or Chiaki in the next week. We want to video record you saying congratulations, we miss you, or whatever. We are going to try to set something up next Saturday at our house to get a bunch of people but if you want to record something and send it to me or get together before or after that it would also be great.

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