Happy & Leftovers


We didn’t eat any leftovers last night and I didn’t take any pictures last night but I uploaded pictures from our waterproof camera this morning and Brian & Courtney uploaded their campout pictures.

We were all starving when we got home from work/school. I got busy back in the real kitchen and 20 minutes later we were outside on the deck eating wheat speghetti with meatballs. The sauce was loaded with yellow squash and mushrooms. We had peas on the side.

We had made a To Do list sometime the night before but never bothered to look for it. We had plenty to keep us busy. My primary tasks were hanging curtains back up and putting new white metal covers on all the outlets and switchs.

Heath also helped me hang the TV back on the wall. Heath was busy with this giant shelf thing, seen in this old picture.  IMG_0568

In getting ready for the drywall guy, Jon and I had to move that thing and decided it was time to cut it in half. So it is no longer usefull as shelves and Heath set up some temporary shelves and moved the stuff to them. She also tried to keep Bean fed and happy.

We were pretty beat and around 9 called it a night and started getting ready for bed.

This morning we got up early and did some more.

Painting pictures.

 DSCF3073 DSCF3077 DSCF3078\

Camping Pictures

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