Still getting things back together


This morning I realized I had not taken any pictures all night so I went ahead and shot a few of the great room, now that it has stuff in it. In the picture above on the right side you can see a few shelves. Once back from Japan we will begin building custom storage along that whole wall. You can also see my oatmeal cooking on the stove in the foreground. It was really good this morning.


I’m not sure what to point out in the rest of the pictures. Our giant mirror with the black frame will go on that darker back wall between the light and the china cabinet.


Speaking of lights we took almost all of them out of the ceiling so the texture would be the same everywhere. It seems pretty dark with just a few lamps. So once back we probably will start working on putting new lights in the ceiling.

Last night Pumpkin and I got home first and made Shepherds Pie for dinner. I put browned deer burger in the bottom layer mixed with lots of garlic and spaghetti sauce. Then I put in a can of green beans but Pumpkin ate most of them off before I could get the next layer in so I added a little bit of corn and carrots. Pumpkin was eating off the carrots too so I added black beans and she ate some of them too but with this whole assortment of stuff I had a real layer.

Next came mashed potatoes. I used 3 white ones and 2 sweet ones mixed with a bit of butter and a good amount of plain greek yogurt. We topped it with some shredded cheese and put it in the toaster oven and Pumpkin moved on to yogurt.

Heath got of work, picked up Bean from her Aunt’s and a couple of take and bake pizzas that were on special. We froze the pizzas and got busy working around the house and doing laundry. Pumpkin ate a little more dinner while we were working. Then one of Peanut’s friends dad’s came by and checked out our AC to make sure it is in good working order for Heath’s aunt while we are out of town. After he left we got busy eating.

Dinner was really good and Pumpkin ate some more with us. We asked her if she had eaten at school today and she said no she just played all day but I doubt that. After dinner we worked more around the house getting the TV/computer hooked up, putting away all the glassware and folding lots of laundry. Everything is clean and now we can pack clothes for Japan.

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