Happy National Trails Day


So Saturday, June 2nd (tomorrow as I write this) is National Trails Day. Before I get into our trip to Cabelas last night. Here is a little photo montage of some far away trails we have done.

Ozarks State Park


Buffalo River Arkansas


Petrified Forest/Painted Dessert

Yellowstone (yes those are buffalo behind us)




Smokey Mountain National Park


Acadia Nat. Park Maine


Grand Teatons


I’ve got to make myself stop. As you know there are lots of trails in and around Kansas City that are really good also. Yesterday I helped with a story at KCUR as “KCUR’s resident trail expert, adventurer & systems administrator” about my top 8 trails in KS and MO. So please visit my story http://kcur.org/post/top-8-trails-kansas-city feel free to come back to the story several times a day and post to social media and do whatever to make it super popular :).

Last night we sort of had brinner. I loaded up some pancakes with blueberries, oatmeal and chia then fried them up. We also had some mini sausage patties, baked potato slices, and broccoli.

As I was cooking dinner, Heath got started making guacamole but part way through mixed it with salsa and seasonings and came up with some new dip that was great. While we were making food Pumpkin was apparently playing Fruit Ninja on her little night time lullaby radio.

After we ate, Pumpkin worked on some homework, then we cleaned up, Bean ate then we headed to Cabela’s.

Pops had sent me some new sandals and they were good but would not stay tight while at the last last weekend so I wanted to see if it was unique to my pair or if something else would work better. I dropped off my pair at customer service and headed to the shoes while the girls looked at the fish admiring all the catfish that could swallow either daughter in one bite.

I put a sandal just like the one I returned on one foot and then alternated 5 other sandals on the other foot. I’m kind of picky because I want my insole to fit in and stay in good and apparently the draw string deal needs to lock down good. I ended up choosing the Keen Glisan and returning the Keen Arroyo II.


Sorry for such an uncomfortable looking picture.

After picking out shoes I met up with the girls and we looked at the animals. Pumpkin was really good and interested in the stuffed beasts.


We decided to check out the Bargain Cave for any great deals and we found a little pile of packs. 3 of them had been $130 and were marked down to $50.The pack I usually wear was purchased new when I was 15 so we went ahead and grabbed a new one.


The padding actually reaches my hips and it looks plenty big. We paid and rushed home to get Pumpkin a snack and ready for bed. Then Heath went for a run and I played with Bean and folded a little more laundry. Once Heath got back she watched House and I read my book until we went to bed.

Tomorrow we shoot video!

Ahh my story is on Facebook


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