Forced Friends

Kate and Bean, your sisters, Alli and Pumpkin will tell you all about it.

I’ve got a lot to do and the weekend was a blur of getting ready for our trip so I’m not going to follow any order today. Pumpkin painted her toes and fingers by herself on the white futon in the basement.

Honestly it could have been worse.

Bean is 12 weeks old.  IMG_5927

The girls and I celebrated trails day on Saturday.

 IMG_5901 IMG_5912

We hiked the blue river a ways but mostly just headed for the water.  IMG_5921

We cooled off and chased and caught some frogs and listened to them croaking and listened to the fish jumping.


Then we hiked out of there and back to the car. Pumpkin ate a whole sunflower butter and honey sandwich while hiking and riding and playing but Heath and I were hungry.



Saturday we had some friends over for lunch and video shoot. I’ve got a good start but would love to add some more people to it.

Amanda brought Kate and we got some pictures.




But mostly they slept.  IMG_5850

After the video apparently Bobbie’s water broke and Addie was born at 11:28am Sunday morning. Derick and Bobbie are now the proud parents of a 8lbs 3oz baby girl. I don’t really know much more but I hope to visit before our trip.

I’m sure there was more but I can’t really remember anything too exciting packing, preparing, shopping, etc.

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  1. Huyen says:

    Both girls has the expression of WTF is going on here. Whose this other baby? hehe

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