Looking for Hot Ice

Similar shot from nearly 12 weeks ago.

Pumpkin woke up in a great mood, hugging Bean and me and telling Heath she loved her through the shower door. She helped me get Bean dressed then helped me get herself dressed then was excited to run out to the kitchen and see the breakfast I had made her. Then she took a drink and everything went down hill.

The drink was wrong. I found out she liked the juice but it was too cold. She convinced me to take out the ice cubes and she tried it again and it was still too cold. The fact that it would warm up did not matter, she did not want me to warm it up, she wanted hot ice cubes in it.

After I totally failed to get the hot ice she ran to tell on me to mom. Mom was also unable to get hot ice but then everything was fine again as surprisingly as the tantrum started it ended.

Last night we got ready. We got a bit more of the video shot and edited. If you really hurry and get me a video of yourself I can add it. Or even a bit of text I can credit to you. Such as Dr. Yumbeer: “KK and Chiaki you are the best, congratulations”  See, a super easy option if you want.

So no post tomorrow unless I’m trapped somewhere with wifi and time to kill. I may post in MS Word but you wont see it until I move it to the site. I think we have just the right amount of frantic packing and preparing to do today and tonight. I’m sure we will have adventures and I’ll try to keep you up on them.

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