ThePrewitt’s Are In Japan

It was a really weird day mentally. I woke up at 2:30 in the morning, showered, woke up Heath and Peanut, made coffee and Cinnamon rolls and started loading the van. We got up Heath’s brother James and all hit the road at 3:30. The airport was a ghost town and the Delta office opened right as we got in. We got checked in no problem and started to wait for our flight. I got a call from the radio station and there was already a mess. I could not really fix it but I tried to provide all the information I could to help.

The sun rose and we hit the skys. First we went to Salt Lake. Traveling with an infant we got to get on early and the kids did good. We even got to keep Bean’s stroller right up to the plane before they stowed it below. Once in Salt lake we speed walked down a few halls and around some corners then were just in time to preboard the flight to Seattle. This was also an easy good flight and was really quick.

Once in Seattle we were pretty hungry and had time to kill. After some confusion we took a subway to another part of the airport and found a little bar and grill. It was like 10am in Seattle but noon for us so we got some beers, nachos and BBQ wings.

Sorry all my phone pics are terrible.The waterproof camera does a little better.

After lunch we headed back to the gate and got in just in time to board the flight to Osaka. At first we were going to get a bassinet crib thing then they said Bean was too big. They sat us in the last row in the middle section and told us about an empty seat at the window near by. Once we got all settled in they turned on the seatbelt sign and told us we could move to the front with a basinet once in the air. So we got unsettled and eventually moved to the front.

This flight was 11 hours and we got another lunch pretty quick after getting on and it was really good and there were unlimited free beers. This was cool but we didn’t have any chargers of any sort on the flight and there were only a few video screens and they were having technical difficulties playing movies most of the time.

Peanut and Heath were able to watch 1 movie “We bought a Zoo” but the headphones were special plugs and crummy quality. So I was impressed with the food and drink service but the plane was not very fun technology wise. 10 years ago when I flew to Japan I had another economy seat but had a screen on the back of the seat in front of me and watched different movies the whole way. Bean slept in the bassinet sometimes but mostly she wanted to be about here.

Peanut played DS and ipad , I read and Heath read some and watched some ipad videos.Peanut eventually slept good and hard. Heath and I could not really sleep because there was a big group of 13yr olds behind us playing and 2 adult supervisors opening and closing the window beside us. Everyone else on the flight shut the windows and the plane got darkish but these two guys needed to open and close theirs every few minutes and wake us.

All in all the flight was just okay.

We arrived in Osaka and lagged behind the crowd. It was amazing how easy customs was and everything getting into the country. They spoke English and were super helpful. We were like the last ones out and KK was so excited that we made it. We had a little issue finding the base for Bean’s carseat but eventually got it and headed to Okayama. It was about a 3 hour drive and everyone was excited and talking for the first bit then we all passed out and Kentaro drove the sleepy travelers to his apartment.

Once here we got a little settled in then and saw Chiaki for a bit before heading to KK’s parents house. By this point we were pretty tired. Chiaki and KK’s mom made us a big dinner with steak, salad, tofu, fried potato cakes, marinated tomatoes, cheesy rice stuff with veggies and beans, mushrooms, beer, sweet non alcoholic drinks and pastry cake things. It was really good. Kentaro’s dad came home and we talked and laughed a bit with him then we could not keep our eyes open and KK took us back to his apartment.

KK and Chiki are staying a few blocks away and we have taken over the whole apartment for now. We all went to sleep right away at about 9:30pm. The sun had set for the first time for us in like 24 hours. Since we flew west the sun stayed with us the whole time.





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  1. Felicia says:

    Glad you guys made it okay! Tell KK and Chiaki we miss them! Have fun.

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