Japan Day 2: Rainy Day of Exploration and Rehersal

Bean got up at about midnight and caused some trouble off and on for the next couple hours. Peanut was dead to it all but Heath and I got to try to get her to sleep. Eventually we did but at 7 this morning when she would not go back to sleep again we got up. Partially because we were too excited. One of the first things Heath said to me this morning was she wanted to move to Japan.

I fried up some eggs and bacon and made toast and we had breakfast sandwiches, fruit and rice when Peanut got up in the kitchen.

KK and Chiaki were working till noon. Then we took showers and got ready for the day.

The shower setup was different but worked great and made a tag team Bean shower really easy. Once we were all clean it started to gently rain. We poked around the apartment for a bit,

then we decided rain or shine we were hitting the town. We could see the grocery store from our 5th floor apartment window and decided to head there. The rain was light and we made it staying pretty dry under our hats and umbrella. Once inside we walked up and down every isle guessing what some things wore and grabbing a few items like yogurt, sport drinks, edamame and beer.

We bought our stuff and just smiled when the cashier talked to us, she took our money and gave us change and then off we went. We walked around some more and checked out some restaurants and the train station and walked around inside a 7,11 looking for hot coffee but they only had cold canned coffee from what we could tell.

We made our way back to the apartment and had a little snack.

KK and Chiaki came home from work with various raman noodle cups and some bread and we all ate lunch then got ready for the wedding rehearsal. We took two cars and the rain had picked up quite a bit. We saw more of the city on the way and then went into this old traditional house that was really cool.

There were sliding doors all over the place and a great view of a fancy garden area.

We stayed out of the way mostly and observed while KK and Chiaki ran through the whole ceremony a few times. They have some pretty precise things to do and a lot to remember.
Camera 360Camera 360

Peanut practiced bringing down the ring a few times and got better and less nervous each time. Once the rehearsal was done we got some nice pictures.

We got out some umbrellas and wondered around the garden and looked at the giant koi fish.

Then we wondered around the old city some and looked at the old buildings and shops and bridges.

The rain was too much to deal with so we headed back to the cars and KK and Chiaki had some wedding supplies to drop off places around there then Chiaki went to get her nails done and the rest of us headed back to the apartment. We had a few drinks and made some dinner. KK made curry and rice.

We were pretty tired but hung out and talked and stuff for a while but around 8pm Heath and Bean went to bed then KK left a while after that and Peanut and I also went to bed.

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