Japan Day 3: Morning Walk Evening Ceremony/Feast

We all got up earlier then I was hoping but going to bed before 9 pm may have been part of the reason. Peanut was up playing ipad when I got up and Bean just wanted to smile and coo at me in bed so I gave up sleeping. We decided to get an early start and I fried some egg and sausage and warmed up the curry leftovers. Peanut and a fried egg, rice and a sausage that looked like a young hot dog. Heath and I split a banana and had a pile of rice topped with runny egg and then scoops of chicken curry.

Before we ate Heath and Peanut found some PBS type kids show all in Japanese and became big fans right away.

I didn’t really get it so got caught up on pictures and posts. Once we were done getting ready we headed out for a walk. We went a few blocks down the street then followed a stream/drainage ditch thing that had a path beside it.

We saw some carp and lots of different houses, old and new and some gardens and farms and lots of people and culture.

We followed the path all the way to Kentaro’s parents house and then went farther on the streets near there and wondered around a little lost. It didn’t seem very lost though because I had GPS on my phone in my pocket and we could probably find the train or creek and follow it back to the apartment.

Eventualy we found the creek and headed back near the apartment. We stopped in a grocery/market store and did a little shopping then went to an electronic store like Best Buy and wondered around there some. Then we headed over to the park. Peanut and Heath played a bit.

You can see the apartment in the background there in front Peanut.

Then we got back on the path by the creek and went the other way. Eventually the creek went on but the path did not. We saw a bunch of shops and stuff and walked along the street going shopping in a few more places.

We had been wondering for 3 hours and our feet were tired so we headed home and cooled off got some drinks.

KK came home at noon and told us about the rest of our day. First up our friend from Pittsburg Take would be here soon so we decided to wait for him for lunch. Once Take was here we walked a few blocks over for lunch at a cafeteria style place. We all got a trey and threw various food things on them. Lunch was good and everyone ate a bunch. After lunch we met up with another friend from Pittsburg, Masa.

We hung out for a while and talked then walked over to Kentaro’s parents house. There was a big gathering of family and friends. After a while we walked to a nearby traditional temple.

There was a big staircase leading up a hill to the temple.

We did some bowing and washing out hands and playing with babys and checked out the area around the temple.

Then we did a little ceremony called something like 100 days.

They dressed Bean in a kimono and wished her health. This was 1/2 of the ceremony and the other part was at dinner.

We looked around some more.

Then we hiked down the stairs and headed back to the house.

KK’s dad and sister had run the ceremony stuff and his mom had a giant meal set at the table for us on our return. It was a feast.

We cheersed a few times and some words were said in Japanese then we all drank from our beers.  Then came the second part of the ceremony. Bean was presented with some special rice bean stuff and some fish and vegetables. She was not fed any of it but they brought it too her lips to see her reaction.

and the same thing for KK’s niece.

There was lots of really tasty raw sushi and everything that went in my mouth was great.

Even Peanut ate everything and he really liked the little salmon eggs.

There was also fried chicken bites and some pork and veggies. With the beer we had some wheat saki with ice and water that was really strong and a totally new flavor for me but I really liked it.

We talked for a bit after dinner telling stories of college and babies and my last trip to Japan. The family had a lot to do for the wedding so the friends headed out and walked back to the apartment. We picked up some beer on the way home and put the kids in bed and had a few and made plans for the next day. We all went to bed early.



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