Japan Day 4: The Wedding


We expected to wake up Sunday morning and rush our way to the wedding since the first thing to do was at 10:30 am but we all got up early and we had plenty of time. I cooked some breakfast, Take made coffee and we took our time getting ready and going. Once ready we walked a couple blocks to the train station then paid about $2 each for a ticket and off we went.

Once off the train we discovered a bigger city area with bigger buildings and stuff. We walked a ways and got to our hotel and then things were familiar from the rehearsal. It was too early to check in but we could leave the stroller and our luggage. Then it was a short walk down to the river. It was early in the day but already pretty hot and really humid.

We found some friends and family and stayed near them. Bean got hungry and Heath went off to feed her. Shortly later the festivities began with boat rides for the guests. Peanut, Take and I hopped on when it was out turn but Heath was not back yet.


It looked like she was going to “miss the boat” but she got back just in time and hopped on.


We cruised up and down the old creek a while and looked at the giant koi fish swimming along side us.


After our boat a few more boats went then it was KK and Chiaki’s turn. We had seen glimpses of them before but now they were really visible.


Their boat was shared with the driver and the TV crew.


Through a coincidence parts of their wedding was picked to be part of a special Japan national broadcast about traditional wedding stuff. A reporter interviewed them several times and recorded some of the things.

Besides the film crew there was a paparazzi of people there for the wedding or there to just be tourists shooting pictures.


They went up and down the creek for a bit then all the wedding peoples gathered on a bridge.


The boat cruised right up by the bridge then some stuff was said in Japanese and the driver got excited.


and the wedding part all cheered and raised arms.


The boat part was over and everyone made their way to the house where the wedding would take place.

We all got seated and the wedding began. We were in a very traditional style room with sliding paper doors on the walls, big wood beams on the ceiling and straw mats on the floor. At the beginning all the doors in front were suddenly thrown open to reveal KK and Chiaki in different parts of the garden. They each made their way into the room.  IMG_6216

KK took his place and then Chiaki’s dad led her to him.

I can not imagine how hot it was in that dress. We watched and tried to follow what was going on. KK and Chiaki were up front and a narrator was off to the side with the microphone. They said some vows and Peanut brought them the rings.
He did a great job and wowed the crowed when he bowed.


After a while Chiaki’s hat thing was removed to show off her hair.


They kneeled and had a little saki ceremony where they drank from the same 3 cups 3 times each.


Then the moms brought some water from each of their houses and poured it into a dish in front of their child. KK and Chiaki each poured water from their bowl into the one in the middle and let them mix.


Then everything got even more exciting, the crowd all got up and were given origami swans to throw over the couple, Chiaki had a speedy wardrobe change and everyone cheered and they were married.

There were a few pictures then the family all rushed off for more and lunch. The rest of us had bento box lunches.  IMG_6243

Even special ones for the kiddies.


I am not sure what most of the things I ate were but they were all good. After lunch the hotel was ready so we went and checked in. We stripped out of our sweaty clothes and all took a nap. The room was dark and cool and it was a great nap. It was hard to get up when the alarm went off but we did and got back in our clothes and headed across the street to the reception.


We sat at a big round table with friends and had some raw fish and beer and salad and stuff. Then the couple arrived. Chiaki was in another new outfit, a typical American wedding dress she bought before leaving the America.


They took a seat and we all ate and drank and took pictures.


More and more food kept coming to our table and as dishes were emptied new ones took their places. I’m not sure if KK and Chiaki got to enjoy any because there was always a need for another picture.

All of this group were friends and students together at PSU.

The rest of us really got to enjoy the food.  IMG_6268

We saw a video of pictures of the couple as little babies and kids and some of the adventures they have had together and we saw the video I made and some speeches.


And some more surprising entertainment like a live music video.


and breaking of boards like in a karate movie.


and crazy toasts with KK’s dad.  IMG_6312

There was no dancing but lots of drinking and tons of eating and all the food was awesome. Each time I was sure we were done another few dishes were added to the table. I was so stuffed.


We all got presents from the couple and were constantly being entertained. No one filled their own glass but everyone filled each others. It was totally unlike any wedding reception I had ever been to before but really fun.

After it we headed to the first of the after parties.


We left the hotel area and walked a few blocks to a bar that was rented to just us for 2 hours of all you can drink. This started at 8:30pm and there were a few other kids there but ours were the most popular.


We had a lot of fun here and befriended the bartender and got to try some new Japanese liquors and stuff.

just kidding they were really good and we hope to bring some home.

There were lots of toasts and celebrating.

 IMG_6333 IMG_6335

The 2 hour time came too soon. We said our good byes and headed back to the hotel. The group thinned quite a bit but I guess there were a couple other bars and noodle shops in store for the rest of the group. Take stayed with us and got in at about 3:30am.

We were pretty ready at 11 though and called it a night.


And another great day.

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