Japan Day 5: GoodBye Friends

We had a really solid night of sleeping. Bean got Heath and up first and then everyone else got up to. We showered and took our time packing up the hotel room. Once we were all clean and packed up we paid for our room and left some luggage at the front desk then wondered out into the city to look for breakfast.

Take led us and we discovered everyone was waking up and looking for breakfast so we got together with all the old Japanese students still around. We found out KK and Chiaki were also headed this way so we killed some time hanging out and walking around while waiting for them.

Once they joined us we started looking for lunch. Monday was a slow day in the touristy area and many businesses were closed. Eventually we found a nice restaurant and ordered. While waiting for our food Bean had a blow out in her diaper and up her back. We had a change of clothes and wipes with us but somehow the diapers were missing. Heath took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up and fashioned some sort of home made diaper out of clothes and plastic bags.

We were nervous but it did great until we got back to our stuff. Lunch was really fancy and good.

We all cleaned our plates. Then we spent some time walking around the old city, shopping and checking out stuff.

We all spent most of the day together wondering around.

Then everyone headed to cars and trains. Peanut went back in a car with KK and Chiaki and Heath, Bean and I went via train with Take but he let us do it all on our own as practice. We did just fine and are ready to try getting around on our own. hopefully

Once back at the apartment we hung out with KK and Chiaki and made lots of plans for each day for the rest of our trip and it looks pretty busy.

Then they headed to KK’s parents and I cooked up some new dinner and leftovers and we ate. After dinner we headed across the street with a couple of drinks and let Peanut tire himself out on the playground. Actually from all the walking we were all pretty tired out already but we didn’t want to go to sleep before 8.

There was a man singing and playing guitar and we could not understand him but he sounded good and it was nice to have music.

Heath and I put beer in mugs and drank them while we watched and played.

It was sprinkling a bit and the sprinkles turned to rain so we rushed back to the apartment before we got wet. Once back Peanut got on pajamas and read to us from Harry Potter 2 until he was ready for bed. I worked on my posts some and then Heath and I watched an episode of Game of Thrones on the laptop before going to bed.




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