Japan Day 7: The Ocean

Peanut was the first to get up and start playing the ipad with the volume up and so the rest of us were not far behind him. We took our time and hung around the apartment and ate breakfast and planned some other stuff to do. Chiaki went to work and then KK took us south toward the nearest ocean.

First we did some sight seeing from the car and then pulled over and looked out over a big bridge called Seto O Hashi. It connected a few islands but we could see a bunch more.

After pulling over we got back in the car but saw another pull off shortly later with a bunch of red gates and some steep steps. We climbed out of the car and started climbing the steep hill.


It provided some interesting rocks and trees and a great view.

We huffed and puffed and climbed our way to the top. We took a peek at the little shrine and took a bunch of pictures from the rocky area.

We headed back to the car and went to the shore with a bunch of boats and wondered around some.

Then we headed to another look out point and looked around some more.

Then we headed toward a good swimming beach and some lunch but KK got called and needed to go to work. He was going to take us to a park but instead we had him take us to a grocery store that sold hot and cold lunch stuff. We each picked out exactly what we wanted and had a good lunch. Bean exploded her diaper near the end and Chiaki showed up on her lunch break to take us to the beach and brought our bags with the diapers in it. We cleaned Bean up, finished eating and went to the beach.

Beach time is hard to write about but makes for good pictures.

We got wet

We got sandy

We got stung

Not really, there were a lot of jellyfish in the water and on the shore and we were worried we were going to get stung. Later on though we touched one and nothing happened and then later still we saw a 9yr old boy playing with them. Then we lost all fear. Esp Peanut.

We explored our whole area of beach and found a bunch of treasures.

We spent all afternoon on the beach and eventually Chaiki showed up to take us back. Once back we cleaned up and Chiaki cooked us up an awesome dinner of dumplings, rice, tofu soup, chicken sprout stuff and a salad. It was really good and I am excited for the leftover tomorrow morning.

After dinner Heath did the dishes and we cleaned up and put the kids to bed and then played on computers until well now but I suspect we will continue playing and having some drinks until we go to sleep.

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