Japan Day 9: Shopping Spree

First a bit of catch up from last night. Heath and the work party had a great time singing. Everyone sang at least once and most more then that.

Heath drank whiskey, which was surprising to me and had some snack food that was not surprising to me.

They all came home and got to bed around midnight. KK and Chiaki had an early morning of work but we slept in. Then I made breakfast sandwiches and we packed up Bean in the front pack and a few things in the backpack and went back into the city.

Our first stop was a mall next to the train station.

We went in and found some really cool stuff for Pumpkin and some family but my favorite thing was a new hat for Bean.

We were kind of clueless and made a super inefficient trip by doing several loops around both floors to find the stuff we wanted. After 12 we were pretty hungry and the mall had too much food to choose from. We all wanted something a little different so headed to a grocery store and got a bunch of hot rice and tempura and terriaki chicken and salad and fruit and drinks.

Then we sat in the mall and ate.

It was all good and we somehow ate everything but the apples. We were stuffed so made some more loops around the mall buying our favorite stuff.

Then we left the mall and headed back to the old neighborhood with the tiny street vendors and little shops.

We had picked out a few things in these areas already and went to get them and do some more shopping. We were running out of time so hurried from one shop to the next.

Eventually we turned around and headed towards the train. On the way we stopped by a temple for a quick peak and then got some ice cream.

We just missed a train so had kind of a long wait. Bean napped, Peanut played with a little keychain Heath got him and Heath and I shared a beer.  The train took us back and once at the apartment we started packing, showering and preparing for a trip.

We are going to leave in about 30 minutes, we head to Kyoto tonight and stay with KK’s sister. In the morning we will sight-see all over the city then head to KK’s cousins for a BBQ. The next morning we head to Mt. Fuji and will stay in a cabin on the mountain that night and head back the next day. It’s going to be a lot of driving and going but we are really excited.

SO not sure if I’ll have time or internet for posts.

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