Japan Day 12: The Drive


Bean got up first and bothered Heath for a while then Heath passed her to me. I took her out of the cabin and we went for a walk. We checked on the volcano but it was pretty hidden behind clouds so we started walking. I knew we would be in the car all day so we set a fast pace and walked for about 20 minutes before turning around and walking back. KK and Peanut were up when I got back and shortly later Heath and Chiaki got up. We packed up the cabin and the van, ate some breakfast and then checked out and hit the road.

We drove all morning then stopped to get some giant bowls of ramen noodles.


It was a really good lunch and I added some hot paste stuff to mine and a good part of Peanut’s leftovers.  It was very satisfying.  We drove some more and stopped a few times to feed babies or use the bathroom. We had about 8 hours on the road plus some stops so it ate up our whole day and KK drove the whole time.  I took some little naps and read a bunch. Peanut played DS all day.


Once home we unloaded the van in the rain then KK and Chiaki went to return it. We all took showers, unpacked our stuff, and started repacking for the next trip. It was kind of late and I started making breakfast for dinner. I made fried potatoes with peppers, onions, garlic and sausage in them and a batch of peach pancakes. I fried a runny egg to mix in with each of our potatoes.

Chiaki and KK got home and we ate dinner but I had not made enough food. After dinner 1 Chiaki made us some ice cold udon noodles and a salad with tofu. Dinner 2 did the job and we got Peanut ready for bed and did some more packing and planning for our trip to Hiroshima with no Japanese friends to help us.

Everyone was pretty beat and we headed to bed.

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