Japan Day 15: Homeward Bound

My alarm went off too early at 7:45. I took a shower and drank some water and worked on getting DVDs of pictures burned for KK and Chiaki. There was a bit more packing to do and getting ready. Everyone else got up and cleaned up and we ate good leftovers for breakfast. KK had gone to work at 7 and came home at 9 and we packed up the car with our luggage. It was raining hard. We said our goodbyes and thanks to Chiaki then headed to the airport.

It was a long drive in some hard rain. We stopped once for bathrooms and water and then got to the airport. We were early but planned on eating lunch so it was good. We did some waiting around then went to a great restaurant. I don’t know what it was really called but we called it sushi boat and it rocked.

A conveyor belt went by each table with some sushi on it but there was also a video screen with a touchpad menu on it. We ordered a ton of tasty things from the menu and as things were ready a little boat brought them on a second track to our table.

Everything I ate was great and I ate a ton. Everyone stuffed themselves and we went through a lot of stuff.

When it was all gone and we could hold no more we got our bill and it was about $40 for 4 people.

Then we went and checked in and dropped off our luggage and started to make our way to our gate. We said our goodbyes to KK and left him as we entered security. We took a train inside the airport and walked a bunch and got to our gate. Our flight boarded just before 5pm on Thursday, to arrive in Seattle late afternoon on Thursday. The flight went pretty well, food was good, kids were good and our friend Koko had upgraded our tickets for us and we sat in Economy Comfort with a bit more leg room and recline ability.

Bean slept a bunch, Peanut slept about 3 of the 11.5 hours and Heath and I slept none. I read a ton and she watched several movies.  Once in Seattle we had to get through customs and move our bags from international to domestic then we made our way to the gate. We had like 6 hours before the next flight so we met up with Pops.

We came to the airport on his day off and took us out to a great lunch.We had good beers and sandwiches and yawned a lot. After lunch we talked about our trip and another one to Texas next month and caught up with Pops. He got a bunch of pictures of Bean but I didn’t get any so he should send me some.

After lunch we went to a park nearby. Peanut played a bunch.

Bean did more sleeping.

For our brians it was like 2 in the morning but it was a nice sunny afternoon in Seattle. Then pops took us back to the airport. Heath and I were pretty sleepy. We got back through all the security stuff and checked in then boarded the plane. We rode to Salt Lake and fell asleep a few times for a bit. Once in Salt Lake we about ran from D terminal to C terminal and immediately got on the next plane. We were really getting tired now but Bean was well rested and ready to play and poop.

A bit after taking off I was playing with her and felt something on my arm. I looked down and said “Heath, we have a problem” There was mustard colored goo all over my arm, shirt, jeans and the seat belt. Bean had a skid mark out the back of her diaper and up her back. We got some extra napkins and some plastic sacks and then got busy with the wet wipes. We had spare clothes for Bean so got her all wiped down and changed and good as new. I made do with scrubbing with wipes and then coating things in purel.

At like 11 something we arrived in Kansas City. Heath and I had been mostly awake for something like 30 hours but it was pretty exciting to be home. We got the bags, found Heath’s brother with the van and headed home. Bean screamed the whole way for some reason. For her the ride home from the airport was 10x worse then any plane, train or car ride in Japan. Once home we snuck a peek at Pumpkin and somehow managed not to wake her and give her hugs then went to bed. Heath had a weird morning of getting up early and unpacking but I slept in until Bean would not let me anymore. Then we woke Pumpkin, talked and cooked pancakes then got up Peanut and had breakfast. Then I came into work.

The End!

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