Getting Back to Normal

If you missed the 15 days of packed adventures and want a super brief version here are 10 pictures.

I worked 4 hours on Friday and it was not as bad as I expected. I was tired but still mentally there. Friday when I got home everyone was sleeping. I worked around the house a bit then got Pumpkin up and we went out back and started moving some dirt and rock.

We also did some measuring and stretching string around. After a lot of work we were able to get Heath and Peanut up and make them eat some dinner and stuff. We all just hung out together and got to bed early.  In the morning I made pancakes and sausage and the kids ate and colored.

After breakfast I headed outside and did more digging and moving dirt and rock. Heath worked on Peanut’s room and the kids “helped” both of us. Jon came over and helped move dirt and eventually we moved on to sand and carpet squares.

Eventually we decided it was good enough and drug out the pool and started filling it. Peanut got a lot more motivated to help at this point and Heath put Pumpkin down for a nap.

We planned to let it fill a bit and eat some lunch then stretch it out and get it into the perfect spot. We had some lunch and then headed back down to the pool but it was unmovable already. there were a lot of creases and stuff but we decided to live with them.

Jon headed home and we let the pool fill most of the afternoon.It was hot and we tried to turn on the AC but it would not work. So we called our guy and headed to the spray park.



It was a new to us spraypark in Grandview and it was packed but pretty awesome. The kids got lots of exercise and we all got cooled down. Afterwords we cooked some dinner and Peanut headed to Heath’s moms house for a sleepover and Pumpkin and I tested out the pool. It should eventually fill to 18 feet across and 4 feet high but was still below her shoulder.

It was cool but felt good and we had fun. Pumpkin and I showered and since the house was hot we all set up beds in the basement. Heath and Bean fell asleep on the couch before making it downstairs but Pumpkin and I fell asleep downstairs.

I woke up at 4am and felt like it was more like 10am. I had slept 7 hours and felt really well rested. I tried to get back to sleep for about 6 hours before giving up. Instead of sleeping I made lots of coffee and some bread in the bread machine and got some meat cut for dinner and jerky and did cleaning and anything else.

Everyone else got up and ate some breakfast and then the AC guy came. He found a loose and corroded wire on the compressor and replaced it. While keeping an eye on him a patch on the top part of the pool that holds air started to leak. Well actually I think it had always been leaking a bit but all of a sudden there was not enough air in the top ring and the water started pouring out of the pool.

I got it aired back up and the water stopped but I had to keep airing it up. We ended up loosing a bunch more water later on also. We stopped filling the pool until we could put a new patch on but kept what water we had left for a mini pool party.

The AC got fixed but the house needed to cool off. So we put on our suits and headed outside.

Around 1 we took a lunch break but then went back to the pool and hung out all afternoon. It was really comfortable and the low water level was perfect for the little ones.

Around 5 we got hungry again and decided to head in for breakfast dinner.

We made a big batch of potatoes and biscuits and gravy, eggs, cinnamon rolls and some fruits and veggies.

It was a heck of a meal for no planning and just throwing together what we could gather up.

After dinner everyone headed home and we got cleaned up and ready for bed. The house was nice and cool and we stayed up as late as we could to get back on schedule. We had taken the bottom bunch of Peanut’s bed out and we moved Pumpkin into his room in the tent under his bed.

We moved Bean’s crib, changing table and shelves into Pumpkin’s room and gave the new rooms a test run last night. Bean woke up more often then normal but Heath went to nurse her and she went right back to sleep. Pumpkin woke up once but was only upset because Peanut’s room had gotten really dark. We plugged in a night light and she went right back to sleep.

Heath and I were wide awake before 6am but that is not that abnormal and we had a lot to get ready this morning for Bean’s first day at daycare.

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