Pool, Pikachu, Etc.

First off I saved all 15 days of posts about Japan in order and made them easy to access on my best of the best page. You can find links for it at the top of any page or in the right side near the bottom. It should be easy to get caught up or see if you missed anything. Me getting attacked by a dear seams to be everyone’s favorite.

Last night we ate healthy. I cut up some stuff turned on the grill and tossed on, thin little deer steaks in a bbq sauce, slices of yellow squash and slices of sweet potato. I sprinkled everything with Montreal steak seasoning. We also had brown rice cooked in chicken broth. After dinner Heath and Bean went to see her aunt at the shoe store and Pumpkin and I went outside to play. We were already hungry so I gave her a biscuit with jelly on it. She ate most of it dry.

We splashed and ran around and examined all the bugs that had gotten into the pool. We played with several of her toys and then found a little pikachu toy and started playing with it.

It was like and go seek, one of us would close our eyes and count and the other would hide the toy. Usually Pumpkin would find pikachu regardless if I hid it or she did.

Eventually we did get around to emptying the rest of the water and getting the area dry that needs a patch and examining the bad patch and mini holes.

Then we got showers and pajamas taken care of. Pumpkin was still hungry so she had some sunflower butter on crackers and we read a bunch of stories. Heath got home just before bed and brushed teeth, made up a story and put Pumpkin in bed. I folded laundry until Heath was about to pass out. Bean was not ready for bed yet so we hung out and read a bit and she drank a big bottle then went to sleep. Then I got a great night of sleep.


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