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So my biggest/only problem with the Kansas City Zoo is that I can’t go after work because they close at 4pm.

Monday, June 25 through Friday, June 29
Spend your evenings at the Kansas City Zoo. We will be open until 8 p.m. each night this week — June 25 – 29. Evening activities and fun will be had by all.

So they fixed that problem for this week. We went last night and it was perfect. I was a bit uncertain as I was driving home from work and it was 96F outside. I picked up both girls from daycare and they both had great days inside. Once home we quickly packed lots of drinks and some snacks in a cooler, I changed clothes and we packed the double stroller and hats and anything else we could think of.

Heath stopped by Subway on her way and snagged us a great footlong to split. She changed and off we went. Thanks to Bobbie we are friends of the zoo and got in free. Right away someone mentioned some show starting in like 15 min. We didn’t pay a lot of attention we went to check out the polar bear eating a carrot and walking around. I was surprised he was not swimming.

Then we found out the show was in the IMAX theater right by where we were, free and you could bring food in, oh and they had a burger or hot dog, chips and a drink for $5 deal. (actually we knew about the deal already) So we grabbed Pumpkin a hot dog and our sub and cooler and headed in. Pumpkin immediately downed 1/2 the big hot dog then the bird show started.


She was totally into it the whole 30 min. A hawk or something swooped right over our heads in the beginning and from that moment on Pumpkin was on the edge of her seat popping cheetos in her mouth and watching the birds. Heath and I took turns holding Bean or the sub. The lady doing the show did a good job and afterwords they collected money for some bird cause but if you gave them some a bird would take it out of your hand and stuff it in the box. Pumpkin was so into it I took her down to donate.


That bird was quick, it snagged the bill and stuffed it in the box in no time.


Then we headed to some tables outside the theater and finished eating. Pumpkin and I split the rest of the hot dog and we had some granola and dehydrated apples and stuff.

Once full we left and checked out the sea lions getting fed frisbees with chunks of ice and frozen fish in them.

After that we went to the Tropics and saw a bunch of animals in another nice cool air conditioned building.


Before we left for the zoo Pumpkin said she really wanted to see a monkey. Well she was in luck one was really showing off for her.


Heath nursed Bean on a bench and Pumpkin and I checked out all the other monkeys and stuff. Then we checked out some Elephants.


This was our first outside walk of any distance and I told Heath I was surprised we had stayed so cool so far. We went back inside and saw some snakes and then to a barn to look at frogs,




and test out the slide.


Pumpkin would have ran up the stairs and done the slide all night but I wanted to see the kangaroos so we only had like 2 or 3 last time downs.


On the way to the kangaroos we saw some more birds and other animals from Australia.


Then we found them.


We even saw a momma with something squirming around in her pouch.


On our way out of Australia we fed some sheep.


and somehow kept all our fingers


On our way out we looked for some tigers and saw some orangutangs then checked out the polar bear swimming before rushing to the bathroom for Pumpkin and then heading home.

It was a bit late so we rushed to get Pumpkin ready for bed. Then Heath and I cleaned up the house and put away some of our Japan stuff and cleaned up my dehydrator mess. I had made some red pepper jerky, apples, bananas, pineapple and green beans.

Everything was pretty good but I over salted the deer. Heath and I got to bed on time and both girls slept all night great.


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