Pappy is 32 and doing good

Shortly after the girls and I got home from school and work Heath got home and shortly after that Kelly and baby Drake came over.

A bit later mom came over with a bunch of food and beer.

While the food was warming up we had a few drinks and the kids played and entertained us.

We had a few things from Japan to give out like this awesome little ninja onesie.

And I had some cards to open for my birthday.

Then we ate dinner and it was good. Pumpkin and Drake had eaten a lot of fruit already and didn’t eat a lot of dinner but the rest of us got after it. I voted for a fruit pie instead of cake so after dinner we had a nice hot apple pie with ice cream. Everyone sang and helped me blow out the candles.

After dessert everyone headed out and we got the girls to bed. Heath and I got a few things ready then went to bed early so we could get up early this morning. I got the pool patched (fingers crossed) and a little run in and Heath got most of the laundry folded.

I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to Koko and Courtney who are lucky enough to share my birthday.

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