A Birthday Glass of Beer


After work I picked up Heath, some snacks and extra diapers then we went and got the girls from school and went to Lew’s for 1/2 price appetizers and eleven dollar, 84oz das boot.


Heath ordered a well and chicken strips and nachos but I was too full from a Jack Stack lunch with mom to help the girls eat. Also an 84oz beer takes up a lot of room in your stomach. Both the girls behaved well and Pumpkin ate a bunch and the bartender put on cartoons in one of the booths in the back to help keep her entertained. I drank and we talked and I drank. The top of that boot is so wide you don’t feel like any progress is being made for the longest time. But eventually I got there.


After das boot we walked over to Aldi and bought a bunch of fruit and stuff then headed home. The girls needed a bath.

they were pretty cute

While Heath was cleaning girls I got soap and water and tried to find the pool leak. I had patched it yesterday morning and it was still pretty full but not firm at all. I covered the whole air ring thing in soapy water several times, especially near the patch but I could not find any leak. I’m not sure what to do. My first plan is to try again before drinking das boot.

Heath’s brother James came over to visit, hear about Japan and check out the saki and glassware we got for him in Japan for taking and picking us up from the airport at terrible hours.

About the time James was leaving Heath’s aunt Colleen came over to drop off her dog and pick up her Japan prizes. Then we got some stuff packed up for the weekend and eventually got to bed.

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