Daily Pool Pics


It’s been a weird week with the 1 day holiday in the middle. Yesterday felt like a Monday but today’s Friday so it all worked out. After work/school we were all hungry so we quickly made a big old salad and warmed up some leftovers.  After we ate up our dinner we put on our suits and headed outside. The girls and I got in first  IMG_7667

Pumpkin was all over the pool and Bean tried out the baby float. She is too little so you really got to keep a hand on her but it helps and I was surprised to see how much she liked being in the cool water.


Heath joined us shortly later and we listened to music and played. Pumpkin wants to get out ever other minute to add more toys to the pool but we tried to limit her.


Bean got a bit fussy and hungry so Multitask-Heath swam and nursed and played.


We continued to add more toys and by the time we got out the pool was pretty full.


One out of the pool we dried off, put on Pumpkin pajamas and the rest of our clothes and then headed to Aldi.

We got Peanut birthday party and birthday dinner supplies and other necessities. Then we rushed home and put away all the stuff. Heath got Pumpkin ready for bed, Bean fell asleep playing and I got busy connecting the pump/filter thing to the pool.


We ordered some pool chemicals and more importantly test strips but until they arrive I did some research and decided it would be good to add some bleach to the water.Then I connected the pump filter thing.


Jon had already put it together so it was pretty easy to figure out. At first I was just going to use it to circulate the water and get some filtering from inside it but then decided to go ahead and connect the other part.


This thing sucks up the leaves and cottonwood seeds and bugs and stuff and collects them. The pool also came with some other attachments that will get crud off the bottom and stuff but the water is pretty clean still.  Heath finished with the girls and joined me and straitened the back yard some then got the hose ready and sprayed the yard for mosquitoes.


This stuff was really easy, we hooked it to the hose and sprayed the yard, bushes, house, deck and everything else we could. It is supposed to keep mosquitoes and other stuff away for 2 months. I sprayed a bunch but only used about 1/2 the bottle so will probably hit everything again Saturday morning, before the party just to be sure.

Heath and I did some straitening in the basement and then got 5 lbs of chicken drum sticks marinating in bbq sauce. We got the kitchen cleaned up and then it was about bed time.

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