Peanut’s Birthday Party


It was crazy hot on Friday so we didn’t mess around. After work we put on our swimsuits.


Climbed the latter


And hopped in the pool.


My cousin and her husband moved in next door and they joined us in the pool. It felt great and we talked and played some music and got nice and cooled down. Eventually hunger got us and we moved to the deck and grilled. It was probably too hot to hang out on the deck but we were just out of the pool and did anyway.

After dinner we messed around the house got the kids in bed then Heath and I swam a bit more before going to bed. Saturday we had a few things to get done around the house and errands to run for the party. I got some yard work done and we had easy meals. In the afternoon after Pumpkin’s nap baby Drake and his parents picked up Pumpkin and took her to play at their house.


We finished getting ready and at 5 boys started to show up. The house immediately went from calm and quiet to loud and crazy.


The boys tore up Peanut’s room first off, finding guns to play with. They yelled and screamed and shot each other up and this was okay as long as when they spilled out into the family room they didn’t shoot near Bean.


Eventually we got them all seated and eating pizza and watermelon and snacks.


They held onto the weapons. After dinner we opened presents.



Then we got them outside.


They jumped on the trampoline until everyone was ready and we were posed to watch from the deck then they got in the pool.


There was pretty constant splashing, yelling, jumping, and hitting with various toys.


Heath and I watched over them and pretty constantly reminded them to be nice and not to hit and to share. We had hoped the pool would keep them busy for hours but eventually 1 got cold and 1 got bored and before we knew it pool time was over.

They went back to running, yelling and shooting for a while then we had them put on pajamas and we got the sleeping bags ready.


We figured they needed more sugar before bed so got out the ice cream cake.


After singing and blowing out the candles we ate.


After cake we moved back to the sleeping bags and started up the movie John Carter.

This was pretty good. The boys ate a bunch of cheese balls and dorritos but mostly stayed on their sleeping bags and quietly watched the movie. It was a long one but kept them mostly entertained. A few were even asleep by the end of it.

Heath and I turned off the lights and went to sleep and we believe the others all fell asleep pretty quick.

In the morning I made sausage, OJ and chocolate chip pancakes. We had hidden all the guns but after breakfast let the kids out front and gave them back.

They ran around and shot each other until the parents showed up  IMG_7736

Once gone we did a bit of cleanup then headed to the DAV to look for some Peanut clothes. We didn’t really find any but got Pumpkin a few things. Then we went to my mom’s to play with Drake, his parents and pick up Pumpkin. She was not excited to see us at first but got over it when she got to play with Peanut.

We hung out for a while then headed home for lunch and naps. We had leftover pizza and salad and stuff then the kids laid down for a nap. I did too and Heath talked with her Aunt, played wii and took care of Bean. After naptime we messed around for a bit then hopped back in the pool.



We played until we were hungry then everyone took showers while I grilled some chicken and fish. We watched TV while eating dinner and then had dessert. Shortly later the kids headed to bed and we tried to. I ended up making a quick trip to work and then got to bed.

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