It was a crazy morning followed by a busy day, plus I took no pictures yesterday and the stuff we did yesterday was not terribly exciting. None the less, here goes.

Yesterday Peanut was not feeling well or pretending to not feel well, who knows. I made speghetti, Heath and I topped ours with big piles of tasty veggies, Pumpkin ate hers like she was a growing 16yr old boy and Peanut poked some noodles around. Then Heath and Pumpkin went shopping and I made enchiladas for tonight and did laudry and random stuff. I ran stairs and did some other working out stuff too.

When Heath and Pumpkin got home Pumpkin got ready for bed and I went in to work for a little project. Peanut got hungry and got out of bed, put down the ipad and ate dinner. After work, the kids were asleep and Heath was finishing up running stairs and we rewarded all our stair running with 1/2 price milk shakes from Sonic.

That was about it for the night we had milkshakes and cooled off in the pool. Heath’s sister came over to go to some class today so we took advantage of the babysitter and got up super early for a bike ride on the trail.We drove out past minor park, parked on the shoulder of the road and peddled around in the early light.


I got tons of spiderwebs on me but otherwise the ride went good, till we got back to the truck.


We were gone from about 5:40am – 6:15am and someone had smashed my window and stolen my wallet in the center console. They didn’t drink our OJ or steal the gum or tow straps or anything else  IMAG1006

I had no cash but some Home Depot gift cards with about $150 on them and 3 credit/debit cards. We headed home and filed a police report over the phone. Then started canceling cards. The first one had already gotten 2 charges on it over $100 the second had nothing yet and the 3rd had a hole bunch of stuff. Everything was reversed or credited or whatever for me.

Over lunch break today I got a new debit card and drivers license and am putting things back together.


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6 Responses to Blah

  1. DB says:

    Geez that really stinks. I think that truck is bad luck or something always had a broken window of some kind. Sorry to hear it’s from theivery and not just a log hitting it.

  2. DB says:

    Also, something I was just thinking about. Wouldn’t it be “fairly” easy to capture these thieves?
    Look at the security tape at the time/place the transaction took place and bam you’re done! Probably too busy handing out chicken shit parking tickets.
    I should fight crime.
    Good Talk,

  3. thePrewitt says:

    Actually a thief breaking the side glass is cheaper then log breaking the back window.

    My idea for getting the thieves was going to be parking the van in the same spot but being hiding under a blanket in the back with a batman mask and bear mace.

    I kind of hinted at the ease to capture thing with one of the credit fraud people. The person(s) were still trying to use the cards all over even after deactivated but I got some generic response like maybe they will get caught maybe not but the charges are taken care of. Seems like they should be on at least as dozen security cameras by now.

  4. TheMrs. says:

    agreed with the security cameras, and what would be even stupider was if when at wal-greens they used it to buy Rx…that had their name on it! I wonder if we could find out?

  5. DB says:

    Always love the *”shrug the shoulders* and the whatcha going to do” responses from people.
    It would be crazy easy to catch the person like we mentioned proved before. And the crook is bound to be in the “system” already. No one cares.

  6. Brian says:

    Boooo, that really sucks!

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