The Swimmer


Dinner was made the night before so after the kids and I got home we just tossed it in the toaster oven and let it warm up. I did some straitening up, Peanut got busy on Legos and Pumpkin on Dora. Heath got home shortly later and our friend Jenna showed up at the same time. We hung out and talked. Jendra came over too and we ate enchiladas and salad.

Then Pumpkin, Peanut and I put on swim suits and rushed off to Pumpkin’s swim lessons at Leawood pool. Classes started Monday but were full. We were on a waiting list and Heath found out at 3pm on Tuesday that there was room for Pumpkin in the 6:45 class. So for the next two weeks Pumpkin will be learning to swim and playing in the big pool.


Peanut and I took Pumpkin to the head lady and she got us set with the teacher and Pumpkin seemed unsure of the whole thing in the car but once she saw the pool and the kids she joined right in and never looked back. Peanut and I watched from nearby at first and then from afar.


The pool is totally reserved for lessons until 7:15 and then lessons get over and it’s open for kids to practice and stuff. So after Pumpkin’s lesson we headed to the deep pool. Pumpkin wanted a break and didn’t want to get in so I had her sit on the side and told her she had to sit still and watch Peanut jump once. I moved 10-12 feet back and Peanut jumped in and swam to me. Just as he got to me, Pumpkin jumped in.

and sank

I could barely touch, the water was shoulder or so deep on me. So I felt super slow but I pushed Grnat and pulled Pumpkin and got everyone up and to the side. When Pumpkin surfaced she…

…laughed and laughed and did not have a care in the world.

What was I thinking trying to take 2 kids swimming. So we moved over to where it was just deeper then Peanut and I held Pumpkin while Peanut worked on swimming to me. I let Pumpkin jump into me several times too but she is fearless and tries to avoid me sometimes. When she gets away from me she sinks and then laughs when I save her. It’s pretty scary. We let Peanut go do the water slide and we went to the shallow pool so Pumpkin could play on the whale slide and climb the snake and stuff.

The kids played a bunch. We practiced swimming in the big pool some more then made our way out just as they were closing.

Once home we got bomb pops and the kids ate theirs on the deck while walking laps around the picnic table. Then Heath put them in bed and read them books and I got busy on tonight’s dinner.

I made a big salad because we have been eating lots of salad and have lots of veggies to eat up. The rest of the stuff was of Peanut’s choosing. We will have grilled BBQ drum sticks, bbq chicken on a stick, watermelon, cheese dip, shells and cheese, cocktail wieners and an ice cream cake. I have been marinating the chicken a while and while making the salad I got the chicken partially cooked to speed up tonight’s prep.

Bean watched me for a little bit.

but got sleepy and swung herself to sleep.

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