Peanut’s Birthday Dinner

Peanut is officially 8 today and by the look of all the bbq on his dinner plate a true Kansas City native. I picked up some extra chicken after work, then the kids then got busy cooking for a dozen or so people. I had a plan and a lot of the prep work done and shortly after getting started I had some helpers.


We had chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken stickers, pork stickers, shells and cheese, watermelon, french fries and salad.

The first batch of meat off the grill
The fries and my jar of secret basting sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ and apple butter mixed)

Right about an hour from the time I got home we were sitting down to eat.



It was all pretty good, I think the drumsticks would have been better slow cooked on the grill instead of boiled and then reheated on the grill but they were pretty good. We all ate and then cleared the table for presents.


Peanut got all sorts of good stuff.


and even Pumpkin and Bean got some prizes.


Right after presents Pumpkin and Heath went to swim lessons.

izzy swim lesson 7/11/12

izzy swim lessons 7/11/12

I hear it went really well again. The rest of us visited cleaned up a bit then loaded up the cake with candles and sang to Peanut.

Then he blew them all out.


We cut the ice cream cake and ate it while watching pictures from our Japan trip and telling stories. Once the ice cream was gone most of the people left and Heath and Pumpkin came home.

They had some more to eat and then we got out one of Peanut’s presents.

we turned up the volume on the TV and the real party started



After several songs Pumpkin headed to bed and we turned it down and talked and hung out for a while. Then Peanut went to bed and James left and Bean and I got really sleepy and everyone went to bed.

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