Peanut’s Birthday Show

theater in the park in Peanuts 8th birthday

I think we are done celebrating his birthday now. He heads to his dads house today to continue the party but our part is over.

After work I picked up the girls and brought them home. Dinner was leftovers and easy. I warmed it up and we got busy eating. Heath got home and Jendra watched the kids while we quickly ran to the bank. Heath and I opened savings accounts for both the girls and changed some stuff with mine since I had to change everything with the stolen wallet anyway.

Once done we came home and finished eating and the kids were playing. I headed out back and tested pool water and got some of the leaves out. The rain had dropped a bunch of them.


Jendra headed home and we got Pumpkin ready for swim lessons. Then we went and Bean came with us.


Pumpkin is in the second level of class for her age and the difference between the first and second level was supposed to be the 2nd level was comfortable putting their head under water. Obviously she has no problem going under the water but when the instructor has them all go under she is the only one that does. 1 little girls just cries and runs to her dad and one boy likes to sit on the side and have his feet in but that is it. Pumpkin does great but when it is not her turn she wants to explore the pool and wonder away from the class. So I had to keep an eye on her.



I had planned to swim with both girls after but there was a swim meet and we could not. So instead we headed home. Bean fell asleep on the way. So I put her in her room and then Pumpkin and I got popcicles and got in our pool.


Heath and Peanut had already left for Theater in the Park’s Disney Double Feature: The Jungle Book and Sleeping Beauty shows.

theater in the park on Peanuts 8th birthday

So we didn’t see them. Pumpkin and I ate our popcicles and she did really good keeping hers out of the water until the last bite fell in. Then I rinsed her off in the shower and got her in pajamas, we read a good book

and told some stories about sisters with pink and purple ponies and then she went to bed. Bean was fussing so I got her changed and in pajamas and fed and then she went back to sleep. I folded lots of laundry and got some of it put away and then went to bed.

Heath and Peanut got home late and snuck into beds.

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