Concert, Productivity, and lots of Pool

Friday I headed home then met up with Heath to go get the girls and run some errands. Once we got home Jon, Amanda, Alli and Kate came over and got busy making home made corn tortillas. I can crock pot cooked a whole chicken and shreded it. I also made beans and cut up onions and peppers. Heath made a big bowl of guac. Once everything was ready we headed out back to eat.


After a big dinner we changed and climbed into the pool.


It seems weird now but Friday it was actually not that hot out and the water was kind of cool in the pool. The girls were shivering a bit but still having fun.




Once the girls were cold it did not take long for them to get tried and crabby. Our friends went home and we got our girls in bed. Stooks came over and we hung out and had a few drinks. We ended up staying up really late watching old music videos and talking.

Saturday morning we got up had bowls of cereal then went shopping. First we went to Sears and looked at exhaust fan hoods for above the oven but didn’t find anything we loved. Then we went to restore and found some nice big crown molding we did love. We are going to add it to our fireplace mantle. Then we went to Harbor Freight and got nothing and Savers and got some clothes for the girls and cowgirl boots for Pumpkin.

Once home we warmed up some Mexican left overs for a quick lunch then everyone laid down for a nap. Like 3 hours later I woke up and realized we had slept to late. We got everyone up and ready and packed asap. Then we picked up a happy meal and some other food at “Old Mcdonalds” and took the girls to my moms. We got them settled then headed out. We went to Tony and Felicia’s apartment. We had a drink and the girls got ready then we drove out to Sandstone for the Rock and Roll Dream Concert.

Felicia got free tickets and there were cover bands for The Eagles, U2, Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd. We were surprised when we got there and parked to find the place packed.

There must have been a lot of free tickets. We hung out in the parking lot and had a few drinks before going in.

We had missed the Eagles but heard U2 and then Led Zeppelin, actually it was hard to pay attention to the bands with all the interesting people walking around. We left partway through Led and headed to Hollywood casino.

We wondered the whole place then played some video poker. Heath and I put $10 in our machine and lost about 1/2 of it before getting bored. Then we tried out a penny slot machine right behind where Tony and Felicia were sitting. We didn’t really know what we were doing but the first and only time we played it it started beeping and flashing. Then an employee walked up to us.

We had not won millions, thousands or hundreds but our friend Lucy found us before her shift in the poker room. We talked to her then cashed out and found our $10 was now $26 something. We went over to Tony and he did max bet to speed things along. He had started with $20 and was down a buck or two. Then he got a big hand and went up over $50. He cashed out and then Felicia did max bet until her $20 was down to $0.

Our luck was out but we were leaving with more then we came in with. We headed to Tony and Felicia’s apartment and hung out a while. Then Heath and I went home. We were getting tired but in good shape from our giant nap. We stopped by Ugly Joes for a drink then went home and made a GIANT plate of nachos and a bunch more guac. We ate and watched tv until 4am then realized we had to get the kids in the morning and better get some sleep.

Sunday morning we went to moms at about 9:30. Pumpkin wanted to stay and was not ready to come home. I trimmed up a bunch of trees in the yard and split up some logs and stuff. Heath came out and helped me pile it all up and then we took the girls home. We ate a quick lunch then laid the girls down for naps. We got busy cutting a whole in our nice new ceiling. Once I had an electrical box put in I started cleaning out my big pot.


Then I got water boiling. The girls got up. and then we went outside to swim.



It was pretty perfect. It was hot outside but the water felt great. 1/2 the pool was shaded and 1/2 sunny. Every few minutes I ran upstairs and checked on my pot.


Once it was hot I added grains for 30 min and then added my malt.


Then I brought it up to a boil and added the hop pellets.


Then I had 60 minutes of boiling while I played in the pool.1 by 1 we got starving and decided to get out and head in. We got into the kitchen just in time for me to add more hops and get my bucket clean. I started cutting veggies for dinner and cooling the wort. We had a sweet chili shrimp mix with cabbage, carrots and bean sprouts over steamed rice.

Once the wort was down to about 70-80F I took a reading and added yeast and sealed it up.  We put Disney’s Jungle Book on and ate by the TV. Pumpkin did a great job watching and eating and most importantly staying in her seat. She thought the bean sprouts were noodles and loved them and ate most of Heath and my carrots. Once my dinner was gone I got sleepy so fought it off by getting busy on the dinning room light. I did a bit more wiring then put the light in.


It hangs over the middle of our dinning room table like this.


Then i got started assembling our new ceiling fan. I didn’t get to far before it was time for Pumpkin’s bath. We decided to take a shower together. Then put on pajamas. While we were getting ready for bed Heath’s sister Jendra and her dad stopped by. We talked a bit then I got Pumpkin in bed. Then talked a bit more then I went to bed early.


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