Swiming or Flying


We had big Mexican salads for dinner. While making these we used up some of our leftovers and about all of our fresh veggies. Pumpkin had some salad and quesadillas. After dinner we worked on some packing and house stuff and laundry until it was time to get our swimsuits on and go to lessons.


Pumpkin was the first one one in the pool and I watched her lesson and read my cell phone book while Heath and Bean went for a walk. After the lesson we all met up and jumped in the pool.



After jumping in some we played at the spray park area.



Rode on the alligator


Went down the whale slide


And jumped in some more.



Then the guards blew the whistles and closed the pool so we got out.


We were the last ones out. We went home and ate our popcicles hung our wet stuff on the deck and took some 4 month old pics of Bean.

I got Pumpkin read for bed and in bed and moved some laundry and it was after 9:00 already. We decided to catch up on some missing sleep from the weekend and went to bed early.

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