This week I think things are going to be pretty similar each day. This time we got the girls early and went to Bean’s 4 month checkup


She is doing just great and even handled her vaccinations like a champ. I don’t remember all the %s but she is pretty tall for her age, a bit heavy for her age and her head is normal size for her age. She is growing well.

After the doc we rushed home and made spaghetti and warmed up Aldi chicken parm.

It was really good. Pumpkin wolfed hers down and since we all had happy plates I opened a can of pears and we ate them too. Then we did random jobs around the house like packing, laundry, pool maintenance, and whatever else.

Then we headed to swimming lessons.


Pumpkin kicked her legs and blew bubbles and dunked her head and jumped in and everything else. I read my phone book and watched, Heath went for a jog and Bean took a nap in the jogging stroller.

After class Pumpkin ran around the spray park and I tried to keep her from running.


It didn’t work and she fell and cried. She was okay a few minutes later and the commotion woke Bean. So we hopped in the pool.


Of course Pumpkin did the slide a bunch


and rode the alligator some

 DSCF3245and Heath and I just cooled off.



We actually got out before the pool closed and headed home for our popsicle routine. Pumpkin ate another chicken parm patty and her popsicle then we pajama, brushed teeth, read stories. Heath got Bean ready for bed then took over reading for me and got Pumpkin in bed. I headed out to pick up some pictures and do some work at work.

After work I headed home. Heath was about ready for bed but I had some energy left so I ran stairs for 15 min then swam and drank a beer. Then I went to sleep.


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