That’s right a video party just consists of 3 videos at the beginning of the post. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

Last night we packed. We also ate a quick stir fry dinner from a bag. I tossed it in a pan and warmed it up according to directions. Well, actually I had to tinker with it so added 2 cans of mandarin oranges and the juices from them instead of water, also a bunch of extra shrimp and a little extra rice.

I’m pretty sure my version was better and the extra oranges and shrimp got the kids eating. After dinner we packed things and got things ready. I’ve got a big to do list and pack list and we just worked off it.

At swimming lessons we didn’t meet in our normal spot instead we headed right to the diving board. It was the last class and the kids got to show off how much they learned.


I hung out in line with Pumpkin and Heath and the other kids watched from the side.


Most of the kids started out being lowered by one guard on the board to another guard in the water. A few of them got terrified and watched for the rest of the lesson, a few were content to be handed down into the water over and over, a few tried jumping after the initial hand down into the water. Pumpkin of course was totally exited and fearless. She did not bother with any help. She got on the board


Walked to the end,


then threw herself off.



The lifeguard was not really used to kids jumping and landing right on her head.


But they did great and swam their way back to the side  IMG_8160

Then Pumpkin hopped out, gave high fives and jumped around a bit and got back in line.


This was the whole class, over and over jumping off the board and it seemed to go quick and was pretty fun. At the end Pumpkin got her certificate.

Peanut hit up the water slide.


then we all jumped in the deep area to practice swimming


It is really scary having 3 kids in 5ft of water with 2 adults. We played until Pumpkin ran out of warnings for jumping in with no one ready to catch her. Then the girls and I went to the little area while Heath helped Peanut practice swimming.

He is really making progress and can tread water a long time and swim a pretty good distance now. In the kid pool Pumpkin did the slide a bunch then really liked going completely under water and looking around and kind of swimming. She can hold her breath really well and thinks it is pretty cool.

After the pool closed we headed home and got our popcilces and then quickly got the kids in bed. Heath and I got frantic with packing for a while and made some good progress. A while before bedtime we called it a night and I had a pool beer to relax and then we went to bed a bit early and slept in as much as possible.

Posts for the next week will be odd probably. I probably will have 1 per day but they may all show up right after each other but I expect to have some great Texas stories and pictures.


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