Texas Day 1: Austin


(Skip to the pictures if you don’t care about the packing and driving)

Friday I picked up the girls from school and we got home and got after the ToDo list. Heath was finishing up a nap and Peanut was relaxing watching cartoons until I put him to work. Once we had things in good shape Pumpkin, Peanut and I hopped in the pool.

The plan was to wear the kids out and for me to relax. Of course that plan is very flawed and instead we all had lots of fun and got worn out. Heath took Bean to run last minute errands and the rest of us swam a bunch. Both kids were doing great on learning to swim.  My stomach was getting pretty hungry so we got out and got dinner started. While I was cooking the kids took bath/showers. Then we ate burgers, cocktail wieners, boiled carrots and baked beans. Everyone was pretty hungry.

After dinner I took a shower and the kids laid down in my bed. I joined them and we all rested until Heath got home at 8:50. I quickly packed the cooler and tossed the last minute stuff in the van. We woke up Pumpkin, Heath ate some dinner and then we loaded up and got gas. We hit the road at 9:30. Right when we got on the highway Pumpkin said “I love vacations to Texas” and a few minutes later  “Are we there yet”?

Heath started out driving and we all talked a bit and used our phones/pads/DSs/etc. Then it was time to get some sleep. All of us did a good job sleeping and Heath did a good job driving and not sleeping. I took the wheel at about 2 and we loaded up on gas.  We were ahead of schedule and took our time at the gas station. Pumpkin spilled some water and I brought a giant cricket into the car with a paper towel. Eventually we thought we got him out and got back on the road. Everyone else went right to sleep.

I drank some coffee and then tea and ate an apple and a bunch of spicy Cheetos. I listened to 4 podcasts of This American Life and then some Pandora comedy channel. Bean woke up around 6 and needed to nurse so we took another break. We were really close to Austin so slowed down and took our time.

Everyone went back to sleep and I coasted us in. I took a scenic route in and checked out downtown and the chocolate capital.

I found a good looking park on my phone and took us there. As I parked everyone started waking up and needed to use the bathroom. Once everyone was ready we played at the park some. I got a text from Tony around 8 wondering how far we had to come. I let him know we were a few blocks away. We made plans for breakfast.

We left the park, picked up donuts, coffee and fruit and Headed to Tony and Erin’s apartment. The kids did not believe we were really in Texas. It was exciting to see Tony and Erin and introduce them to Bean.


We talked about going to the Children’s Museum or their pool or something but instead just hung out and caught up and relaxed. We had breakfast and then a few Lone Star beers.  We talked and the kids watched Muppets until lunch time. Then we packed a cooler and headed about 20-30 minutes to The Salt Lick for Texas style BBQ.


Usually there is at least a 30 minute wait but this time only a 10 minute one. We sat at a picknick table in the shade and opened some beers.


Then our table was ready and we made our way inside and past the giant open wood pit covered in meat.  I had watched some YouTube on the place and knew all about the pit of hard oak wood they burned and the baste sauce they covered the meat with and let drip into the coals to steam and smoke the wood.


We ordered big plates of briscuit, turkey, sausage, ribs and sides unlike any I had ever had before of beans, coleslaw, and potato salad. The sauce was a light yellowy brown and different but good. The meat was super tender and good. We nearly ate all the food but ended up taking a little bit home.


After lunch we went back to the shaded picknick area and saw we had gotten just ahead of the crowd. The place was packed and a band was getting ready to start playing. We found a table and sat down to watch and have a few Lone Stars. The kids had juice boxes and watched the band. We ended up staying and watching a bunch.

 IMG_8210 IMG_8207

Eventually we had to get going. We left Tony and Erin and headed to the hotel. We checked in quick and all laid down for a nap. Pumpkin and Peanut were causing some trouble at first and had to be separated. I think then we slept a little bit before Bean started fussing. Then we got up and made dinner plans. Then we headed to a Mexican place downtown. We met Tony and Erin there. We were pretty stuffed so shared meals and ate slow.

We sipped sangria and hung out till it cooled off a bit outside. Then we headed out and walked a few blocks. We headed to the Congress bridge and made our way to the middle.


We were early but a crowd started to form with us.


Eventually the bridge was packed and below was filling up with kayaks, canoes, and other boats.


We watched a nice sunset and then slowly bats started to fly out from under the bridge. Then we saw our favorite Bat.


HE even got out and walked the crowd a bit.


There were people selling ice cream and stuff and everyone came to watch the thousands of bats waking up under the bridge and heading out to eat. The kids (and honestly adults too) got pretty tired and crabby and we decided to leave before they finished. We thanked Tony and Erin and said goodbye then headed back to the hotel.

As quick as we could we got ready for bed and got everyone calmed down and to bed for a long good night.

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  1. Tony V says:

    Love seeing my mug on ThePrewitt.com! Great seeing the family. Enjoy the rest of the trip.


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