Texas Day 2: to TheHouse


I woke up at about 8:20 and decided not to try to get everyone up for the continental breakfast that ended at 9. I rolled around for about 10 minutes then decided to get everyone a couple muffins and stuff then come back to bed. I rushed to get dressed and down to breakfast and loaded up a plate then came back and hopped in bed. I looked over and Pumpkin was looking at me. I asked her if she wanted to get some juice and she said yes. I got back up and we went down to breakfast. She ate a bunch of cereal and juice and blueberry muffin. We walked around the hotel a bit then went to check on the fam. Everyone was still asleep so we put on swimsuits and went to the pool.

Pumpkin jumped in once and had to poo. So we went back inside and tried but she couldn’t do it. We went back to the pool and Pumpkin jumped in and did a great job swiming for a long time. Then she had to poo again and again was unable. We went up to the room and I started a nice warm relaxing bath. While the tub was filling she hopped on and finally got it out. Then she took a nice bubble bath with all the hotel shampoo for bubbles.

Heath and Bean got up and Bean and I joined the bubble bath for a bit. Then we all rinsed off and started packing up the room. Eventually Peanut got up and we barely got out by the noon checkout. We drove about 40 minutes south before we got to a Texas sized McDonald play-place.

We ate and the kids ran around and played a bunch. I used the wifi to get yesterdays post up.

We hit the road for about 3.5 more hours. We got some gas and beer along the way. Then we got to the house.

It was a giant 3 story yellow beast.

The inside was way nice and had a nice spacious great room with kitchen to hang out in.

A deck on the roof with a view of the ocean.

And a basement apartment for us. It had 2 big beds, a pullout couch little kitchen area and bathroom.

We made a castle with a porch for Pumpkin to sleep in. She loved it.

We got settled and unpacked then headed to the pool to cool off.

Peanut and Carl played water guns and Pumpkin jumped in and Bean tested out her new shaded float.

We got pretty starving and rushed back to the house for dry clothes then to the brewing company for dinner.

There was a little wait so we got to test out a few of the local beers.

Dinner was pretty good and the kids ate well. After dinner it was late so we rushed home and got the kids to bed. Heath and I were pretty tired when we finally got them down but still headed to the roof for a beer before bed.

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  1. Courtney says:

    That house looks cool! Are you there with family or friends or by yourselves? Also, where exactly are you?

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