Texas Day 3: 1st Time in the Gulf

So I guess I should fill you all in. My dad “Pops” and his wife Annie have rented a big awesome house in Port Aransas for a week. It’s on an island outside of Corpus Christi.

We met up with them and Annie’s son Carl on Sunday and Tuesday we will be joined by my sister Kelly and her family. It’s a lot of fun.

Monday we slept in as much as we could then came ate a monster breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fruit.

We took our time and poked around the house a while and eventually got packed up and headed to the beach.

We set up some canopies and got all set up and started playing.

Eventually we got hungry and headed back to the house. We got cleaned up then made sandwiches and fruit and chips. Then Heath, Pumpkin, Bean and I all got naps. Heath and mine were pretty short. The kids eventually got up also and we hung out at the house.

We talked about going back to the beach but decided to play inside until after dinner. We hung out on the shaded deck and had a few drinks and listened to music and then Pop’s grilled nice tender pork chops for dinner. Afterwords we headed to the beach again.

It was pretty watching the sun set but got dark pretty quick. After Pops and I helped some people set up a tent we headed back to the house.

The kids had showers pajamas ice cream and bed. The adults had some drinks and relaxed before going to bed also.






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